Content Audit

Think of all the content you create — the good, the bad, and the ones that took a scary amount of time. Now think of how you organise it. How do you keep track of how content is performing? Do you use those metrics to improve for future campaigns? If not, you could be, with the help of content audits.

Regular content audits help maintain the relevancy and authenticity of your content. Duplicate or irrelevant content on a website drags down its SEO rankings. Moreover, it also brings down the audience engagement and conversion rates. A content audit helps review the content on your website and identify the factors responsible for its poor performance.

How we can help

But where and how do you start this process? For most brands, the answer to this can feel overwhelming. That’s why our experts are ready to help you ensure that your content is optimised, high-quality, and on point for both your readers and Google. We do this using an audience-led approach to content auditing to ensure that our recommendations reflect the needs of your website visitors.

We start by putting together a content inventory of all the existing content present on your website. This is followed by an in-depth content analysis which identifies which pieces are performing well, which pieces could be improved to generate even more traffic and which pages are dragging your website down and should be deleted. Lastly, based on this information, we help you craft an action plan which gives you a step-by-step overview of how your brand can improve its content to boost website traffic and sales.

The results? A clear overview of your website’s strengths and weaknesses and an action plan which will elevate your online presence and ensure your brand can keep increasing its online visibility and gain more leads.