Visiting Samsung’s home in Seoul

For the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship product, the Galaxy S10 | S10+, and their 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series, Samsung has invited its influencer community to discover the hometown of the brand: Seoul, in South Korea.

Where future begins

For 5 days, 37 so-called “Samsung snapshooters” had the opportunity to discover one of the most exciting cities in Asia. With the motto “Where Future Begins” in mind, the snapshooters immersed themselves in different cultural periods of South Korea. First they traveled back in time by visiting Seoul’s traditional sights, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace or the village of Bukchon Hanok. To get a taste of Seoul in the current day and age, they were taken on an adventure in the urban jungle of the city, or went through Bukhansan National Park to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city. As a highlight of the trip, the snapshooters were invited to visit the Samsung headquarters in Suwon, where the future of technology is being redefined every day. A visit to the Samsung Innovation Museum and the Samsung d’light flagship store concluded the adventure full of exciting innovation.

In addition to the supporting program, all influencers were provided with a guide, which showed them the best photo opportunities in the city. This gave them the chance to capture the city through the lens of their Galaxy S10+. The photos turned out impressive, and both the snapshooters and Samsung created a lot of nice content for their channels during these sessions.

The content of the snapshooters that was created during the journey, was collected on a microsite to round off the storytelling. A comprehensive social media ad campaign is being shown on this microsite and invites users to explore Seoul through the eyes of the snapshooters. In addition, several travel videos were created based on the video material of the snapshooters, which are shown as video ads as well as serving as openers on the microsite.


  • 1 million organic reach on the IG channels of the influencers
  • 1,9 million IG Story views on the influencers’ channels
  • 227 pictures and 603 videos were exclusively produced for Samsung
  • 348% Return On Invest
  • 134 Instagram posts made
  • 1,04 million organic reach
  • 106k engagement
  • 1.502 IG Stories made
  • 1,91 million views


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