Metaverse Practice

Extend your customer experience into a whole new reality

Brands must start preparing today for the new, third iteration of the internet, as it will impact them massively for years to come. The implications for how we interact with consumers will be profound. We have the opportunity to build fully immersive, 3D worlds from the ground up, and leverage them to develop customer experiences as we’ve never seen before. 

With our dedicated Metaverse Practice and expertise in blockchain technology, decentralised applications, AR, immersive experiences, cryptocurrency, and data, combined with massive creative marketing power, we can help brands redefine the way they interact with consumers.


Our clients

We are pioneering metaverse experiences with a range of brands

Take advantage of the next major marketing channels

1. Virtual Possessions & NFTs

2. Virtual Worlds

3. Extended Reality

4. Virtual Stores

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Executive Creative Director

Max Pinas