Marketplace management

By working proactively, rather than retroactively, our marketplace management team ensures problems are solved before they even arise 

As the foundation for just about everything marketplaces, this team keeps things running smoothly and successfully.

The heart of the account

When we analyze sales data on various digital marketplaces, we find that the driving factors are essentially a combination of traffic and conversion rates. While traffic is primarily determined by retail media, conversion rate is greatly driven by brand experience as well as user-generated content (reviews), sales price and inventory availability. 

Marketplace management handles the aforementioned aspects as well as the upkeep of the account in general, which can loosely be defined by product data, account profitability and inventory health. Much in the way that a beating heart is the driving force of every other process in the body, if these factors are not functioning properly, the well-being of the entire account is at risk.

Often, brands only check how their accounts are doing on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis. They then perform retroactive data analysis or damage control if and when they find that they over or under-performed in relation to their goals. Unfortunately, it is often too little, too late. 

Letting major issues go unseen for even a week can cause problems that could result in lost sales. Therefore, we know how critical it is to keep business goals in mind when setting priorities and act immediately. Our marketplace management team maintains a holistic account overview through active revenue management, including monitoring data across every part to spot potential problems as soon as they arise or even before.The key difference lies in acting early rather than analyzing data in the aftermath. 

Detecting both problems and potential

Account and KPI monitoring

Root cause research

Action plan

Holistic approach

In addition to active revenue management, we maintain a set of action-based services to improve overall conversion rate, learn from the market and understand data to maintain account health.

A combination of regular account handling & operational management while monitoring the portfolio is as important as not only tracking the performance, but understanding and reporting relevant data to our clients. In combination with consulting & strategy services, we learn from the account performance and drive future improvements.