Motion design

We don’t have to tell you that motion is the next big thing. Every minute, 600 hours of video are uploaded online.

You need content that’s different. Different from what your viewers expect and different from what you expect. Most forward-thinking companies are using motion to enhance their brands and digital experiences to ensure they stand out in the crowded digital reality of today.

How can we help

As an agency, our team of motion designers knows how to create some of the most incredible motion artwork in the industry. We help to design, produce and deliver motion graphics for a variety of media. Our work spans various disciplines from 3D to flat 2D animation and including Augmented Reality.

Together with our design Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, we’ll find the right mix of design and technology to help move your businesses further.

Our process starts with listening to what you would like to achieve with your content. We discuss your favorite style and collect everything into a storyboard. Our motion designers translate this into a fresh piece of artwork and help you with the animation, sound effects, and voice-over. With the help of our video production team, we’ll make it work. To make sure your great piece of motion is seen by the right people at the right time, our digital marketing team can help to utilize your data analytics to measure and optimize your campaigns.

But that’s not all. Sometimes we also like to do things that bring our industry further or are simply fun to do.

Therefore we are also co-organizers of DEMO Festival, the biggest motion festival in the world. In November 2019, Design in Motion (DEMO) took over the Netherlands’ largest train station, Amsterdam Centraal, welcoming over 250,000 local and international passengers per day. For 24 hours, each of the 80 digital screens throughout the entire station showcased the talents of some of the world’s best motion designers and presented a platform to exhibit new, up-and-coming talent as well as established favorites. 

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