The Magnolia Platform allows marketing and IT teams to deliver and manage multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experiences.


Years of experience


Specialised developers

Easy to use for both front and back-end

Magnolia provides an open and flexible Java-based CMS.

The core of Magnolia revolves around being user-friendly content management tool. The interface is clean and clear, without missing powerful CMS functionalities such as version management, multilingualism, instant preview, content tagging, categorisation and taxonomies and a form editor.

For developers, there is also a lot to love when it comes to this tool. Magnolia adheres to standard frontend and backend patterns and has a logical and consistent configuration and templating system. Backend and front-end developers can easily separate their responsibilities and each work with their designated tools.

It has a modular architecture which can be integrated seamlessly with external systems such as Mendix, Salesforce and Commercetools.

Magnolia also offers the following advantages:

  • User-friendly for editors with all CMS functionalities such as workflow, versioning, preview, WYSIWYG, etc.
  • Fast implementations and onboarding for developers.
  • Can be used in both headless and traditional scenarios (hybrid).
  • Extensive possibilities for content modeling, multisite management and translations.
  • Very suitable as Best of Breed-CMS in a composed Digital Experience landscape with extensive possibilities to integrate with various other systems.
  • Works well with both on-premise and cloud solution.

Practical use examples of Magnolia

DEPT® has supported various companies in implementing Magnolia. For example, Holland & Barrett chose DEPT® as their new global e-commerce partner in 2018. The global health retail company wanted to digitally transform their business in addition to further develop its terms of service. Their new global platform will be developed using Magnolia CMS in combination with other commercial tools.

For a large international Directbank from Utrecht, we found a way to offer its users a seamless user experience between the website and the online banking system. We integrated Magnolia with the low coding platform Mendix. This allowed non-technical editors to easily integrate Mendix blocks on pages.

DEPT® also worked with Ampleon. The technologically advanced products offered by Ampleon form their core content. Ampleon wanted a CMS partner that not only responds quickly to questions and changes but is also able to implement CMS extensions flawlessly and is able to provide advice in order to create the best functionalities. Magnolia was the perfect match.

Our Clients

We value a great working relationship with our clients. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.


At DEPT®, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions such as Magnolia to help organizations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why DEPT® is the ideal partner to get the most out of Magnolia:

DEPT® is a leading Magnolia partner

DEPT® is one of the leading Magnolia partners in Europe and our developers are optimally equipped to create great digital experiences.

We’re experienced and successful

We have been working successfully with a wide range of technology leaders for many years. Thanks to our experience in a wide variety of fields, we can help a wide range of customers embrace digital.

Full approach

Digital growth does not stop with the successful deployment of Magnolia. As a fully integrated digital agency, we also support SEO, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help your organisation grow and develop.

Widely deployable

Our teams have broad experience with both the technical aspects of a CMS as well as setting up the organisational processes to use Magnolia successfully. In addition to projects, we can also temporarily strengthen an existing team with our specialists.


Our many years of expertise in designing experience, expandable architecture and integration of technology is not something we keep to ourselves. We share our knowledge as a Magnolia expert in in-depth blogs in which we address practical challenges.

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