ChannelEngine enables global distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner-ecosystem, to maximize sales and profit while reducing international sales’ complexity and minimizing the effort and needed workforce for direct to consumer e-commerce.


Years of e-commerce experience



Harnessing the power of international marketplaces

DEPT® uses the tooling system of ChannelEngine, to grow and rapidly scale any company internationally via marketplaces.

As either an all-around solution to helping your business with only certain aspects, ChannelEngine has numerous advantages:

Product information

ChannelEngine automatically imports and updates your product information from the current platform, so you can keep your webshop, ERP, or PIM as the primary source. Thereby they synchronise stock and price changes between all marketplaces.


You can automatically generate international invoices, taking into account European VAT rules.

Price management

ChannelEngine applies advanced pricing rules, allowing for desired margins and stock of other suppliers. They allow you to create digital product bundles for long shelf-life items, similar products, or bestsellers to push revenues. By setting up dynamic filters you can control your product offers, including its specific minimum stock, margins, prices and other criteria.


ChannelEngine monitors your sales and shipments.


By providing translation services, there is an opportunity to address a multilingual aspect within sales networks. As a result, there is a broader reach. 

DEPT® x ChannelEngine

As a full-fledged middleware layer, with various specialisations, ChannelEngine is a strong partner who will try to continuously better your strategy and set goals. At DEPT®, we embrace ChannelEngine because it’s an easy way to quickly scale our clients business across multiple international marketplaces via a plug and play principle. As ChannelEngine continues to grow and onboard new marketplaces, we are excited to continue partnering with them and accelerating our clients digital presence.

At DEPT®, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions such as ChannelEngine to help organisations grow and accelerate. Below are four reasons why DEPT® is the ideal partner to get the most out of ChannelEngine:

Knowledgeable and experienced

We have been working successfully with a large range of technology leaders. With our wide array of experience, we can help a broad range of customers to embrace digital.

Full approach

 As a fully integrated digital agency, we can support your company with SEO optimisation, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help you grow and develop.

Widely deployable

Our teams have broad experience with both the technical aspects of a commerce system and in setting up the organisational processes to use ChannelEngine successfully. In addition to projects, we can also temporarily reinforce an existing team with our specialists.

Knowledge specialist

We don’t just keep our years of expertise in designing experiences, extensible architecture and integration of technology to ourselves. We share our knowledge as a ChannelEngine expert in in-depth blogs in which we look at practical challenges. Please see below for examples of client cases and stories.

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