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We created tokengated AR fashion, a new dimension to wearables

Lauren Chester
Lauren Chester
Director of Tech Projects
2 min read
20 February 2023

The NFT market is shifting towards empowerment and ownership, where participation, community, and unique experiences are essential.

To be successful in these ever-evolving spaces, innovation is key. In our work as a Web3 agency, we’ve been exploring how to use web3 to drive loyalty and revenue. Our research recently led us to combine AR and branded tokens to create personalised digital wearables.

We created a product that can help brands give exclusive personalisation through ownership. This is particularly interesting for fashion, where loyal fans seek exclusivity, being ahead of the curve, and sustainability.  

Introducing DEPT®’s tokengated AR jacket

Using DEPT® NFTs from our Web3 Labs experience, Depsters can unlock an exclusive and unique virtual jacket where each jacket incorporates its owner’s individual NFT into the design.

It also took the attribute “colour” from their NFT to update the neon glow in the jacket to match the NFT colour, making it a unique and exclusive piece of fashion facilitated through ownership.

What is tokengated AR fashion?

“Tokengated” = unlocked through tokens. 

It works like this. A brand would create blockchain-backed tokens that represent ownership. Once given out or purchased, it would allow the users to unlock unique traits in an AR fashion.  

Here’s why it matters. 

Besides giving holders one-of-a-kind looks to wear in the metaverse, this technology gives brands a way to share exclusive, community-focused drops that deliver unique utility to their token holders. It’s a product for fashion brands looking to stand out in virtual worlds–metaverse or others.  

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Director of Tech Projects

Lauren Chester