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DEPT® becomes certified climate neutral

Pooja Dindigal
Pooja Dindigal
Global Head of Impact
3 min read
11 May 2021

We are proud to announce that we have become climate neutral certified. DEPT® became certified after working with the Climate Neutral organisation to measure and offset our 2020 carbon footprint, while proving our long-term commitment to implementing emissions reduction plans.

“DEPT® and our other Climate Neutral certified brands are leading the global shift to a net-zero economy by doing what all companies should be doing immediately: measuring, offsetting and reducing their carbon emissions,” says Climate Neutral CEO, Austin Whitman. “Our label helps consumers identify these brands. It’s a recognisable and trusted symbol that turns everyday purchases into meaningfully positive climate action.”

DEPT®’s CEO, Dimi Albers, added: “Becoming climate neutral certified holds us to account for our emissions and is the bare minimum of what DEPT® – and all agencies across the board – should be doing. It’s a signal of intent to our 1,750-strong team of Depsters and wider community that we are not only digital innovators, but also people who genuinely want to make a positive impact on the world. We are incredibly proud to be part of a carbon neutral company, and I hope we’ll inspire other companies to follow suit.”

DEPT®’s carbon footprint is being offset in partnership with Terra Neutra by providing poverty-stricken families in Kenya with clean energy cookstoves. The initiative is part of the Hifadhi Livelihoods project, which protects 18,000 hectares of Kenyan forest each year by preventing rural households from using wood to fuel their homes.

In addition to offsetting, we are reducing our emissions by rebooting the DEPT® travel policy, and hosting our IT load and client platforms in partnership with carbon neutral hosting service, Microsoft Azure

The certification also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that can be seen in our work with environmentally-conscious clients, including Indigo Ag (where we developed apps and a new marketplace to drive agriculture innovations that aim to feed the world more efficiently), and Justdiggit (where we built a direct donations platform to help train African farmer communities in areas of drought).

 The climate neutral certification coincides with the release of our first impact report and marks the opening chapter in our ongoing impact mission and quest to gain B Corp certification by the end of 2021.

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