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For more than six years, DEPT® has worked with Meta to deliver tens of thousands of performance creative assets designed to promote Meta’s suite of apps to a global audience. Spanning Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads, our work showcases the joy, community, creativity, and humanity these apps bring to users on a daily basis.

With a hyperfocus on regional relevance and highlighting the nuance of cultures around the world, the performance creative from DEPT® reflects the many uses for Meta’s apps and the millions of unique individuals that spend time sharing, posting, chatting, shopping, and more. 

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Facebook remains the most popular and widely used social media platform, with more than 3 billion users worldwide. Our creative work for Facebook places an emphasis on the app’s ability to bring people together and create meaningful, digital connections. Across hundreds of campaigns—featuring thousands of individual assets translated for dozens of languages—our work reaches a vast and diverse viewership.

Welcome to the Reel Word

Reels brings the adrenaline rush of short-form vertical video to Facebook. This immersive spot uses over-the-top special effects, stunts, choreography, art direction, and sound design to convey the pure thrill of getting sucked into the fun of Reels.

Holi Is Where You Are

Holi is one of India’s most important holidays, a joyous festival that brings crowds together in explosions of coloured powder. We crafted a humorous story of virtual Holi celebrations shared through the magic of Facebook. 

The World Is on Facebook

A sweeping view of how Facebook connects humans around the world. Shot over four days, this production showed the diversity of fun, connection and community found on Facebook.

Make Every Moment Magical

Facebook opens the door to wherever you want to go. Using Stories, Marketplace, Groups, Reels, and Events, our stylish hero turns a normal day into an epic journey, all through the power of her Facebook app. 

Evolution of You

To show how Facebook allows people to explore their identity, we created three heroes on journeys to a more fulfilling life. Using the app to find inspiration, connect with friends, and post milestones, they ultimately share the person they’re becoming. 


Instagram is the ultimate platform for everyday creativity, and our work for this app aims to highlight the range of tools and features that allow any user to unleash their inner creator. Straying from perfection and polish, we lean into authenticity, user-generated content, and the simple joy of sharing to inspire people to join Instagram. 

Connecting Creativity

Instagram creators share amazing content every day. This spot features a mix of real-life creators and actors from all over the world in curated and interwoven sets inspired by the colours of the Instagram gradient.

Let the Fun Times Roll

This spot brings you straight into the fun, camaraderie and calamity of a neighbourhood cricket match. Using Instagram, the characters share the game through Reels, Stories and Polls—keeping the drama alive on the pitch and in the app.

Smooth Moves

Amazing editing tricks are easy on Instagram. In this spot, we use vibrant art direction, clear VO and clever shooting techniques to demonstrate how to make Instagram Reels that suit your creative style.

Banana Bread Bonanza

Instagram is a place for exploration, not perfection. This spot shares the humorous journey of a novice cook trying to make banana bread. Created for the Indian market, the copywriting shows the joy of trying new things and sharing the progress on Instagram.

For the Fans

With international football on the rise, Instagram wanted to remind fans how they can connect over the game. The copywriting in this bright, high-energy spot is a celebration of fans everywhere: the fire, the passion, the community they form in the name of football.


With users spanning more than 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging app in the world. Demonstrating the significance of WhatsApp required a deep understanding of its local relevance across multiple cultures. This allowed us to spotlight the use-cases that would resonate most with each specific market through highly localised ad creative. 

Family Ties

WhatsApp makes it easy to feel close to your loved ones. In this spot, we see a dad use WhatsApp to contact his wife when he needs help fixing their daughter’s hair. The video tells a heartwarming story while highlighting the unique benefits of the app.

Just Because

This charming spot showcases the uplifting power that reaching out to an old friend on WhatsApp can have on their day. The simplicity of the animation reflects the message that connecting doesn’t need to be complicated, and just saying “Hi” is enough to bring a smile to someone’s face. 


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