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Luxury label reveals new website

By Malene Birger, a subsidiary of the IC Group A/S, is an international premium luxury brand that charms thousands of fashion-conscious women all over the world. The fashion house passionately represents the idea of making women feel strong and self-confident in its brand. IC Group A/S decided to migrate the existing By Malene Birger online shop from a full-service environment and to manage it independently with the aim of taking all control and coordination of the online shop into its own hands. IC Group is relying on DEPT® in the implementation of this project.

By Malene Birger launches new online shop

The international luxury label By Malene Birger launched the new online shop running on the cloud-based e-commerce solution Salesforce Commerce Cloud in March 2015 with the support of DEPT®. Since the go-live, By Malene Birger has managed its online shop completely independently, including logistics and customer service. Now, the fashion company has full control over the shop system and can easily and quickly adapt to shifting market conditions. The shop has also been implemented in responsive design, is optimised for use with search engines and is characterised by greater customer friendliness and better brand perception. This was achieved by connecting the brand and e-commerce sites and then carrying out migration to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

Stylish in every aspect

New one-page-checkout

By switching from a multi-page to a one-page checkout, By Malene Birger wants to enable its customers to complete their purchases more quickly and, at the same time, minimise the abandonment rate resulting from a checkout process that is too extensive and confusing. The customer can now enter her personal data such as delivery address, delivery type and payment method directly on a clearly arranged page where the order summary continues to be displayed at all times.







More features

To simplify order management, DEPT® has implemented a specially developed OMS module into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. In addition, a plug-in has been implemented to support returns management and CRM and PIM systems have been integrated.


Director Web3 & Partner

Jan Gutkuhn

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