Augmented Reality (AR)

No longer a futuristic technology, augmented reality (AR) was used by 100 million consumers to shop in 2020, both online and in-store, and over 70% of shoppers stated they would shop more often if they used AR.

With new generations already firmly onboard, there is clear long-term potential for adopting AR and attracting consumers to your brand.

Connect with new audiences

AR allows brands to connect with new audiences, communicating products and ideas in a way that cuts through the noise. But how do you do make it work for your business? If you have a product-based offering, the evidence is there that is instils confidence in shoppers, as 56% report that they use it to confirm product quality.

Augmented reality experiences can also excite and inspire your users, across endless channels and platforms, bringing your offering to life and letting customers interact with your brand like never before.

Factoring AR design into your marketing strategy has proven results in terms of sales figures. Research shows a 94% uplift in conversion rates among products with 3D and AR visualisation features. With the revenue from AR on mobile predicted to total $21BN by 2024, it makes financial sense for your brand to get in on the phenomenon.

DEPT® is a global leader in AR. Our dedicated AR design and production studio contains an expert team of developers, designers, strategists and project managers working with leading global brands to pave the way for hyper-connected virtual worlds.

We can support you in optimising your augmented reality strategy, applying it to your brand across social, web and in native design. We’ve supported global brands in using AR to enhance product awareness, product education and utility, conversion, brand activations and entertainment.

AR design studio

Our studio combines a range of pioneering disciplines, from multi-platform design and development, including 3D design, VFX, environmental design, illustrations, motion and interactive design, right through to shoppable AR experiences. We deliver integrated, end-to-end AR-fuelled customer experiences covering strategy, design, build and media.

We help to connect the digital world with the physical world, delivering AR solutions ranging from connected world lenses to games, to product try on and awareness selfie lenses.

We are official Snap and TikTok augmented reality partners, specialising in social AR as well as web, native and real-life metaverse experiences. We’ve created hundreds of AR experiences with billions of views for brands like Victoria Beckham, Spotify, Trainline, Just Eat, Google, Levi’s, ASOS, and Twitch.

AR lenses

The number of people shopping with an AR lens is already in the hundreds of millions.

DEPT® is an official partner of Snapchat Lens, which has seen 250 million people engage with shopping lenses on the social platform. The use of an AR lens helps decrease returns by 25%, so this is a game-changing development and significant saving opportunity for brands offering virtual shopping.

AR can be used throughout the funnel. From embedding AR on your site to enable product try on, right through to enhancing real-world interactions, and creating  real life metaverse experiences. AR can be used to achieve a wide range of goals for entertainment, education or utility, bringing audiences together through cultural moments and making customers fall in love with your products.

As pioneers, DEPT® built its very own custom AR physics engine for the Just Eat game before it was even released as a feature within the Snap app. We are always at the cutting edge, stretching technology to its limits, from using the newest features like reactive audio for Spotify’s Notting Hill Carnival lens, to using 3D body tracking for merch launches. 

If you want to get closer to your users by transforming online experiences, DEPT® can help you to embrace the next generation of consumers through technological innovation. Our AR design studio and AR lens experts have already supported early adopters of these tools, and they can help to make your customer journey more immersive, informative and memorable.

AR design specialists

At DEPT®, we elevate retail and e-commerce experiences through AR design. Injecting both fun and function into campaigns and sites, AR brings endless opportunities to entertain, inspire and educate.

With AR now a core facet of the user journey, it has become a highly creative aspect of the purchase funnel. Creating an attention-grabbing buying experience like never before, we can help you to increase customer engagement, drive new leads, boost conversion rates or decrease returns.

Get in touch today to find out how DEPT® can help your brand to harness the infinite potential of AR design.


Director of Tech Projects

Lauren Chester

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