DEPT® has always had a strong relationship with Microsoft. As .NET experts, we know Microsoft and its services like no other.

Microsoft is constantly evolving

We have a long-term Microsoft Gold Partnership for Application Development and, more recently, added a Gold Partnership for Cloud Platform and DevOps; by expanding our capabilities, we can now provide customers with the full suite of Microsoft services.

We love Azure. Microsoft Azure is a commonly used cloud environment within DEPT® because it fits in well with the technology that we use for our clients. We also have clear agreements with Microsoft about service levels and underlying services, so that we can serve our customers even better. Microsoft’s services have evolved over the past five years, making it even more interesting for us to host our applications and solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Like DEPT®, Microsoft is constantly evolving and improving, and this is reflected in the various Microsoft features we work with. Think of developments such as AI, machine learning, API management, Azure DevOps, Azure WebApps, Cosmos DB, Azure Storage, serverless architectures based on Azure Functions and Logic Apps, and lots more. Other reasons why we use Microsoft Azure include:


Scaling up to serve regions around the world.


The security services of Azure provides insight into intrusion attempts, vulnerabilities etc.

Governance & Cost Management

By using Azure Lighthouse, we can better monitor and govern our cloud infrastructures and have a good understanding of the costs incurred by the environments.

Our open-source mindset is in line with Microsoft’s strategy. In addition, the available tooling enables us to fully code our infrastructures and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Our Clients

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.


Microsoft Gold Partner

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