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Lotus Biscoff launches new global campaign and introduces a tasty POV

Inês Saraiva
Inês Saraiva
Global Communications & PR Director
3 min read
16 May 2024

From its delicious golden brown colour, unique crunchy texture, perfectly baked caramelised biscuit, and creamy smoothness of the spread, the hype around Lotus Biscoff is real.

To bring its irresistible taste to its fans, Lotus Biscoff is debuting its new global brand campaign. “You gotta love Biscoff” brings to life the craving we all experience, sparked by its unique taste – a demonstration of the irresistible effect that Biscoff has on everyone, whenever it appears.

A unique love story from a unique POV

In the global campaign launching today, lead creative & media agency DEPT® built a world where we see everything through the eyes of our products –  the Point of Biscoff (or ‘POB’ for short).

Through captivating visuals and a unique perspective dubbed Point of Biscoff (POB), the ads showcase Biscoff products as the ultimate craving-inducers. The delicious-looking products are always front and centre, as the point of focus, always the object of desire and craving of everyone, turning heads wherever they appear. Each story wraps with the craving and anticipations giving way to pleasure, with the anticipated moment of enjoying a Lotus Biscoff. 

The media strategy capitalised on the loyal fan base of the famed biscuit and serves paid and creator-generated content directly to their plates. The media planning was tailored to align media and creatives with how the brand’s audience interacts with different channels—whether it’s for entertainment, inspiration, or information. 

Ramin Bahari, Creative Director at DEPT®: “Imagine being the centre of everyone’s attention whenever you enter the room. That simple thought led us to the ‘Point of Biscoff’. It’s a fun and entertaining way to tell our stories, that immediately grabs your interest and easily translates to all platforms and channels. And while it has the product front and centre at all times, the work is actually about people and their very relatable reaction to Lotus Biscoff: You can’t help yourself but to love it.”

Taking a bite of the global (biscuit) market

As it sets its eyes on global expansion, the much-beloved biscuit brand Lotus Biscoff chose DEPT® as its Global Creative & Media Agency of Record. The partnership between Lotus Biscoff and DEPT® represents a shift to a digital-first strategy for the brand, to expand globally. After a competitive pitch in 2023, DEPT® is now working in close collaboration with the Biscoff global brand team, based at their HQ in Belgium. 


Global Communications & PR Director

Inês Saraiva