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All for none: DEPT® Dublin joins Ad Net Zero

Brian Brophy
Brian Brophy
Head of Digital Marketing
3 min read
13 September 2023

The climate emergency rests at the top of our minds at DEPT® as we evolve our business in Dublin. Our Digital Marketing offering is ever-growing, and with that, so too are our conscious efforts to mitigate the effects on the climate. Joining Ad Net Zero is yet another stride in our vision to reach real net zero, and will further provide opportunities and tools for our staff to make more sustainable business and personal decisions.

Understanding the Ad Net Zero Movement

The Ad Net Zero movement is a collaborative effort aimed at reducing the carbon emissions generated by the advertising industry. Spearheaded by the UK-based Advertising Association, IPA and ISBA, and driven by IAPI, AAI, MMI, CPI and IAB in Ireland, this movement strives to bring together agencies, brands, and advertisers to collectively address the environmental impact of their activities through their 5 Actions Framework.

The action plan strives for net-zero emissions throughout the advertising process, including ad creation, production, and media distribution, while harnessing the positive impact of advertising to encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable behaviours.

Furthermore, our membership in Ad Net Zero provides our staff working groups, training, certification and autonomy over the future planning of the industry in collaboration with Ad Net Zero member agencies and brands.

“Ad Net Zero represents the first time the entire media landscape has come together to provide tangible solutions for an industry committed to positive change. We have brought together the best expertise, the best leaders, disruptors and game changers and together with our training, guidance, tools and support, supporters are now benefiting from a knowledge base they would not normally have access to.
Now in its 2nd year in Ireland, we are already at almost 100 members and still adding supporters every day. We continue to be inspired by the level of passion from those professionals in our industry to affect real and true change from within.

We will continue to grow the AD Net Zero network until everyone in this industry is represented and supported on their own Ad Net Zero journey.”

Mary O’Sullivan, Co-Founder of Our Positive Future, and Ad Net Zero Ireland Project Manager

DEPT®’s commitment to a greener future

As environmental concerns intensify, so too do our efforts in evolving and implementing more sustainable business practices. Where our social and environmental performance is affirmed by B Corp status, continuous improvement is essential, and collaborating with our industry as a whole is crucial. The Ad Net Zero movement has the potential to transform the advertising landscape and contribute significantly to the fight against climate change, and it is one DEPT® are both proud and excited to be a part of.

To find out more about our progress with sustainability, energy consumption, diversity, labour conditions, and more, check out our Impact Report.

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Head of Digital Marketing

Brian Brophy