Responsive web design for a global player

For the launch of the new Adidas football boot models, which were worn during the 2016 European Championship, Adidas presented a prize draw campaign. DEPT® teamed up with Adidas to work on this project. DEPT® was responsible for the execution of the site across all areas – from the design and the front-end execution to the database link and the integration of social media functions. In addition to the creation of the campaign’s concept, DEPT® developed a microsite that includes a prize draw. In this way, the two new football boot models X / ACE 15+ Primeknit in the new Black & White Edition were put in the spotlight.

Development of microsite and prize draw campaign

The target audience for the competition concerned active (hobby) footballers. To participate, the user goes to the link to register with their email address and date of birth. Then they choose which type of player they are, based on their playing techniques, position and personality. The user can select from two models: ACE 15+ Primeknit “Control everything – Rule the game” for the traditional footballer or X 15+ Primeknit “Cause chaos – Destroy order” for the explosive scorer.

In the race for new football boot models

A fully accessible solution

After successfully completing, the user can share their experience with their new friends and their football team on their social media sites at just a single click. Thus, they also animate others to play along. Of course, the campaign’s site featured a completely responsive Web design – thereby allowing users to easily participate from all stationary and mobile devices.

For the largest competition of the season, a total of 18 pairs of new X 15.1 and ACE 15.1 models were given away. Not only did the participant themselves win a new model, but their entire team did too.


Executive Creative Director

Max Pinas

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