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CX & Design October 26, 2015

SDL Web 8 highlights from the Tridion Developers Summit


As a Tridion Certified Professional Developer, I have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming SDL Web 8 release for a while now, so I jumped at the opportunity to get a sneak peak of what is to come at the Tridion Developers Summit 2015, hosted in Amsterdam.

The summit ran over two days, and included over twenty speakers from the digital community, including SDL R&D and Product Management.

SDL Web 8 functionality highlights

The talks covered a number of different aspects, but the highlight for me was the keynote presentation by SDL Product Manager, Nuno Linhares.

Nuno took us through the latest developments of SDL Web 8, with key highlights including:

  • Move UP/DOWN in Blueprint
  • Site Launch Wizard (customisable)
  • CM Operations Tracing (API Calls, Event System)
  • REST only CD API
  • Java-free Content Delivery Apps
  • Nuget and Maven Central availability
  • Translation Review
  • Free Developer Licences

Blueprint improvements

SDL Web 8 has been clearly constructed with the user experience at its core. The interface is accessible, flexible and totally hassle free.

New features include Move Up/Down in BluePrint; this will enable items to be moved between publications without having to recreate them, saving developers and content editors a lot of time.


Site Launch Wizard

Nuno gave a fantastic demo of the Site Launch Wizard, showing how simple it is to create a new Tridion website just using the CME. It really is as straight forward as filling in a couple of fields and clicking a button.

In fact, the wizard is so eager to help you out, that everything that would normally have to be completed manually is done in the background, with the option to customise it to do even more for you. Again, this enhancement will free up more time to be used for better purpose.

Free Developer Licences! Yes, FREE!

The announcement of free developer licences made the event for me! Businesses or individual developers are no longer required to have a paid licence, or be part of a partner program, in order to develop for Tridion. This is a huge move by SDL, and stands to save you thousands!

Nuno Linhares promised change, and it certainly looks like he means business. By making the user experience more intuitive, the SDL Web 8 package will make the creation and usage of websites simpler, more efficient and more cost effective for all.

Dept’s SDL expertise

Dept has been working  as a specialist SDL Tridion consultancy from 2007. Since then, we have delivered over sixty implementations for some of the world’s largest organisations. In 2105, we were awarded the SDL partner with the ‘Most Implementations’.

We specialise in global implementations and upgrades and have a customised set of services specific to SDL products. In the past year, we have helped our clients improve mobile conversion rates, given them a single view of their customers, and centralised the management of their global, digital touchpoints.

Our large team of SDL-certified developers in Europe and North America have extensive experience of maximising your SDL software investment.

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