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Travel Trends Playbook

Driven by the pent up desire to explore, travel demand is strong; despite economic uncertainty. 

An estimated 975 million tourists travelled internationally between January and September 2023, and the online travel market is expected to almost double by 2030 when compared to its value in 2023.

And with increased demand, comes increased competition among travel businesses, from online travel agencies and airlines, to hotels and temporary rental platforms.

 In such a crowded market, the solution for travel companies lies in understanding traveller preferences, standing out, simplifying choices and providing a seamless booking experience. 

This playbook highlights four key trends shaping the future of travel, providing insights and inspiration for navigating this dynamic space.

01  Understanding customers is key to effectiveness
02  The shifting mindsets of Gen Z and Millennials 
03  Mixed reality is giving travellers a taste of the real experience
04  AI is setting a new standard in hospitality through personalisation

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