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CX & Design July 13, 2015

Kickstart your digital design project with a 5 Day Prototype


At Dept, we often work with clients who want to either launch a new online service or proposition, or re-launch a mobile responsive site, but are unclear about how to take the first steps without immediately committing to a big budget and timeline.

Our 5 Day Prototype is a quick way to develop a simple and tangible web-based prototype that can be tested, validated and fully understood by the wider business and project team.

What are the benefits

You can start a prototype at any stage of a project or business case, and use it to explore new website journeys, online propositions, or features to boost conversion or lead generation.

Benefits include:

  • Build a consensus internally within your organisation for a new service, product or website which needs to be developed quickly.
  • Offers a low-risk, cost-effective way to support or validate an important business case.
  • Mitigate the risk of developing a solution which isn’t fit for purpose by validating decisions with customers early-on in development.
  • Quickly demonstrate or visualise a possible solution to key decision makers.

What problems can I tackle with a 5 Day Prototype?

Complex problems can be overcome in a short time frame with a 5 Day Prototype. Typical problems we have resolved include:

  • Reducing drop-out on non-responsive websites.
  • Improving functionality for smart-phone and tablet devices through a responsive layout.
  • Integrating new systems or services, such as an asset management system.
  • Improving conversion journeys, such as booking engines or registration forms.
  • Increasing lead capture by introducing persuasion techniques.
  • Effectively launching a new online customer proposition, web service or mobile app.

What will the process achieve?

Our objective is to ensure that you have a tangible prototype that you can share and test with your project team, business and customers.

Building a consensus is critical for supporting a business case, and backing-up your idea with customer testing means that you can move a project forward with confidence.

How it works

Five timed design sessions (also known as design sprints) are run to understand the problem, and ideas are developed through sketching and prototyping.


Depending on your specific requirements, either two UX designers or a designer and a technical consultant will run the sessions and keep things moving along, carefully timing each stage and monitoring the progress and outputs.

The process is highly collaborative, and can be run at your office or at Dept’s Manchester office.

Need to test a specific web feature or smaller idea?

We can condense the 5 Day Prototype into a one day session.  This is ideal for smaller problems or a specific challenge that needs to be explored.  With two designers on site using the five-step structure, each phase is concisely timed to ensure the most is made from the day.

Questions? We are here to help!


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