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CX & Design December 07, 2017

Key Insights and Highlights from BloomReach Connect Amsterdam 2017


Dept supported its global partnership with AI-powered, digital experience technology firm BloomReach (Hippo) by being Silver Sponsors at BloomReach Connect Event in Amsterdam.

The Dept family set up camp for the event in their ‘Cosy Snug’ where they were on hand to chat with the event’s community of developers, digital marketers, solution experts and IT leaders, learning how industry peers and customers are tackling complex and interesting digital challenges.

We explored Connections. The connection between AI, machine learning and human creativity, between customers and employees, between content and commerce, data and applications. Industry visionaries took to the stage shared their ideas, insights and experience, we’ve captured our highlights below.

“Key Roadmap Innovations.” by Arjé Cahn, CTO BloomReach Experience and Founder of Hippo

Cahn is the idea factory behind BloomReach Experience. During his presentation, we discovered the latest BloomReach product developments and took a deep dive into the joint BloomReach + Hippo platform, exploring how to drive personalisation through radical openness and integrated intelligence.

In BloomReach’s Experience, Cahn’s aim is to apply machine learning and AI to take away the distractions so what’s left is the core of what customers are doing –  giving the end user the right content in the right form at the right time. He emphasised that content management is at the heart to help brands to grow digitally. Every stage of the customer’s decision-making process should be AI-assisted helping brands to support the right decisions, take action via tools at their disposal, and drive greater outcomes.


What excited Cahn most was the new experience opportunities brought by the current disruption in digital commerce. He talked about agile teams and close collaboration between developers and marketing teams. He talked about moving fast and building new experiences, and that the best next experience goes beyond eCommerce, the best next experience should be delivered across all touchpoints, physical and digital, in any context.

Our key takeaway, it’s an outside-in approach, experiencing what your customers are experiencing when they come to you, and then going through the experience of improving that entire customer journey.

“How GDPR Will Change the Dynamics of CX.” by Tim Walters Principal Strategist & Privacy Lead, The Content Advisory

Set to go into force in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is front of mind for all organisations doing business with and across the EU. The regulation will change the way organisations manage data about their consumers and the overall customer experience landscape.


Tim Walters, Principal Strategist & Privacy Lead, The Content Advisory, discussed how GDPR is a new playing field, with a new set of rules, with a new set of challenges and opportunities posed for marketers and other customer experience professionals.

What that means for us is that we need to plan now and adapt to the changes faster than the competition. Customer Experience (CX) will be changing towards trust-based exchanges between customers and brands. Walters provided the audience with GDPR readiness best practices that can be implemented across the business months in advance. Brands need to rethink how they approach many CX strategies, including cultivating richer and more accurate data sets, and creating 1:1 experiences that are contextually relevant for each customer.

Consumers are growing increasingly savvy about data collection and processing – and the principle aim of the GDPR is to put individuals in control of their data. Since data is the fuel of CX, consumer control of personal data access and usage presents a whole new set of challenges for organisations.

Consumers will share personal data with brands they like and trust in order to get more value and a more authentic digital experience. We learnt that trust is more than a positive in brand reputation, it’s the key to building a foundation of data-based competitive advantage. Walters highlighted that new skills and roles will be needed to help brands establish customer trust and privacy. Cross-functional alignment, compliance strategy, and governance policies will have to be instituted to support the people-process-technology triangle.
If you’re interested in GDPR and how this will change the customer experience, make sure you sign up to BloomReach’s On-Demand Webinar: How GDPR Will Change the Dynamics of Customer Experience  hosted by Tim Walters to discover more.

“Intelligent Personalisation in the Real World: From Theory to Implementation.” by Cathy McKnight, Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations, Digital Clarity Group

In her keynote presentation entitled “Intelligent Personalisation in the Real World: From Theory to Implementation,” McKnight explained why combining machine learning with human intelligence is the path to leveraging smart technology to personalise the customer experience.

McKnight explored the topic with BloomReach customers who are using technology and workforce to nurture the brand-customer relationship. She stressed that starting the path to intelligent personalisation means understanding how real businesses can combine human and machine learning now.

“The Future of Website Optimisation and Personalisation: BloomReach’s Product Vision and Roadmap.” by Vache Moroyan, BloomReach Director of Product – Personalisation and Organic

Moroyan took to the stage to share his vision of full website personalisation, including how BloomReach is tackling this by building out an open and intelligent digital experience platform (BloomReach DXP) that takes into account the power of both ‘Human and Machine’.

First focus were the challenges with personalisation and optimisation. He explained that current processes were too manual, current rule writing and management are operational heavy, making it hard to be strategic. Disparate Tools are also a cause for concern meaning limited optimisation because data is inaccessible which makes it difficult to optimise, test and personalise site experiences. Scale was also a cause for concern. Moroyan understands that brands are finding it increasingly difficult to support high-traffic seasonality and the sheer volume of content is too much to manage.

This is where BloomReach DXP comes in.


Digital experiences are fundamentally an economic imperative. BloomReach is building an open and intelligent digital experience platform that understands what businesses need today to develop close customer relationships.

BloomReach DXP is designed to build, personalise, test and optimise digital experiences helping brands identify their users’ needs and create the right digital experience for them in real time, regardless of channel or device, incorporating content marketing, search, merchandising and SEO.

In-depth visitor analytics and testing tools put actionable user insights into the hands of marketers, content authors and digital merchandisers to curate those digital experiences.

What it is…

  • Comprehensive Intelligence
  • Intelligent Workflow
  • Enterprise Class
  • Open Machine Learning
  • Open Data
  • Open Delivery

What it is not…

  • A mishmash of personalisation solutions mashed together
  • Black box algos with one-size fits all personalisation
  • Manually-driven solutions
  • Disparate tool sets
  • Widgets

BloomReach DXP is critical for bridging silos: Experience, Process, Knowledge, Data. Today, more than ever, the line between IT and marketing teams is so blurred, they are essentially one team. BloomReach DXP was created to satisfy both CIOs and CMOs by creating common ground for both to collaborate on ways to enhance customer engagement, customer relationships, advocacy and ultimately, lifetime value.

BloomReach Connect Amsterdam 2017

BloomReach Connect Amsterdam delivered what it promised. From start to finish, the event’s aim to “get personal” rang home throughout. The focus on the humanisation of digital brands and how technology can be leveraged to empower organisations to make real connections with their customers provided food for thought for the Dept family.

Plus discussions on how to hone the customer journey, looking at content and commerce, machine learning and human creativity, data and application opportunities has certainly provided insight and inspiration that we will apply to projects with our clients.

DEPT Global Partnership with BloomReach

Dept forged a Global Partnership with BloomReach earlier this year. Commenting on the development Jasper van de Luijtgaarden, Managing Director at Dept, said:
“We seek to partner with ambitious, innovative technology providers who offer products that will evolve the digital experience for our clients.  As such, we are delighted to forge a strong partnership with BloomReach. Its technology platforms, combined with the full service offering of the Dept network, will help clients to improve customer experience, generate revenue, increase loyalty and, ultimately, accelerate growth.”

After BloomReach Connect we’re very excited to see what 2018 brings for our clients leveraging this exciting technology. If you’d like to discuss more about the benefits of BloomReach, get in touch and speak with one of our experts today.

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