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Performance Marketing August 14, 2018

Grow brand awareness, expand product visibility and boost sales on Amazon


Optimised content not only forms the basis for success on Amazon, but also for a variety of subsequent services in terms of sales growth, such as running a successful paid advertising campaign. If your content is determined relevant by the Amazon search algorithm and meets potential customer search queries, success on Amazon is sure to follow.The higher the rating, the higher your product will be on the results page.Only those who truly understand their customers will become relevant and thus visible. And only those who are visible can generate sales.

In order to maximise product findability, it is advisable to enter the process at the point of generic search and optimises product detail pages based on a detailed content-relevance-analysis and keyword-research.

Find relevant keywords to optimise customer reach

In order to reach customers on Amazon, you first need to understand how they search for products. Let’s say that you are selling body lotion. Potential customers might search for “body lotion”, “body butter”, “body cream,” and “moisturiser.” Also, keep in mind that Amazon customers enter the marketplace with a concrete intention to make a purchase. This implies that customers already know precisely at the start of their search query what they are looking for, e.g. “body lotion for dry skin,” “moisturiser for women” or “coconut scented body lotion.”

Therefore, a thorough customer search behaviour analysis is essential prior to creating online content. Only then are you able to cover all relevant keywords in the content and consider all possible customer search queries.

Understand your customers and create relevant content to win them over

After optimising findability, you need to provide Amazon customers with the necessary information in order for them to differentiate your product from that of the competition and effect an actual purchase.

Utilising the results of the aforementioned analysis, the creation of premium content can take place. The combination of both relevant content and maximum visibility through targeted keywords is crucial for a sustainable sales increase on Amazon.

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