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CX & Design November 19, 2015

Enabling The ‘Art Of The Possible’

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The current digital marketing landscape is at a major crossroad of change. Industry-leading technology vendors, analysts, consultants and marketers have collaborated diligently over the years to expand the ‘art of the possible’, in order to set the trajectory for what can be achieved through the integration of all these forces.

The global digital evolution

One could say that today’s commonly accepted Customer Experience concepts, standards and strategies evolved from Globalisation strategies, with a focus on brand consistency and multi-channel marketing efficiencies.

Global delivery of products and services, in conjunction with the centralisation of services, have created the need for C-Techs to identify capable Enterprise Content Management systems, that can demonstrably deliver cost efficiencies, global insight and streamlined processes, across the entire digital estate.

C-Techs are looking for enterprise software that integrates within their infrastructure, reduces complexity and enables the delivery of a scalable SOA-driven digital solution.

During these periods of strategy evolution, the digital industry has moved in and out of the acceptance of single vendor suite solutions and/or multi-vendor, best-of-breed solutions, as the optimal way to enable these strategies.

If we look at where we are today, we are set for another big shift in the digital marketing landscape – one which will focus on enabling the ‘art of the possible’.

The shift towards Enablement

The next seismic shift, which has already begun, is towards digital transformation. The digital Holy Grail is a solution which sees everything connected and delivered through an optimised, omni-channel customer experience, which yields tangible, predictable results to the customer and the enterprise.

As a result of this shift in market focus, demand will move from the ‘art of the possible’ to ‘enablement’ – the implementation and integration of comprehensive and capable marketing ideas, strategies and technologies.

At the same time, we will also see the re-emergence and explosive growth of best-of-breed technologies, offering the enterprise more innovation, more functionality, more autonomy and more flexibility for change, all at a lower total cost of ownership.

Demand will come from the enterprise request and requirement to effectively leverage and enable multiple, highly valuable, best-of-breed technology investments, as critical components of a digital transformation initiative.

What are the enablement opportunities?

Imagine if you could publish relevant content from anywhere, at any time, and that the content was intelligent enough to understand how to best present itself based on time, device, location and language.

Imagine a system that could provide real-time data, with the intelligence to know what to do with it to leverage your marketing capabilities. Or a robust, scalable and secure system that helps streamline your business processes, to make you more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

This is not a future vision. This is happening right now. e-Spirit’s Corporate Content Cloud initiative makes enablement a real possibility for global enterprises.

The Corporate Content Cloud enables organisations to put in place the foundational infrastructure they need to communicate across all channels. It will help you use content more effectively and consistently, to improve the customer experience across all your digital touchpoints and throughout the entire customer journey.

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