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CX & Design September 12, 2018

BloomReach launches DXP for Commerce


Dept technology partner and leading Digital Experience Platform company BloomReach, Inc. today announced the launch of DXP for Commerce at the DMEXCO trade show in Cologne, Germany.

This latest solution from BloomReach gives retailers, brands, distributors and manufacturers the ability to enhance their commerce environment with AI-powered search, intelligent merchandising, and highly agile content management.

With customers’ expectations for relevant experiences rising, and retailers competing with new and different customer experiences, DXP for Commerce enables advanced personalisation to keep customers engaged, increase revenue per visit and drive customer loyalty. It also integrates with leading commerce platforms and legacy systems to form a complete e-commerce solution.

Speaking about the launch, Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO of BloomReach, said “These are scary times for both B2B and B2C enterprises…Historically, executives have looked to a commerce-led architecture to compete. These architectures, however, don’t provide the velocity needed to beat the Amazons of the world. The answer is a move from monolithic e-commerce platforms to microservices-based architectures that empower not just the web, but all digital touchpoints. This provides a twofold benefit: more control over the customer experience, now highly personalised, and the ability to innovate quickly, really quickly.

A best-of-breed approach to commerce-enabled digital experiences is a trend we’re seeing globally across industries,” said Dirk Hoerig, founder and CEO of commercetools. “Brands want to experiment with new channels and business models, but all-in-one content and commerce platforms stifle agility and innovation. Our headless, API-based approach makes it easy for brands to leverage powerful digital experience platforms like BloomReach, while enabling commerce on new channels and new devices.

Dept collaborates with some of the world’s best digital technology players. Working with these partners provides us with an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology and bring ideas to life.

We’re proud to count BloomReach as one of our technology partners; together we work with global organisations to migrate, implement and scale their BloomReach DXP solutions, and are excited about this latest development. “We’re always keen to work with innovative leaders in digital technology,” says Jonathan Whiteside, Strategy Director at Dept, “DXP for Commerce is an excellent addition to BloomReach’s platform solutions. Teamed with Dept’s design, technology and ecommerce expertise, we can help to accelerate the digital future for our clients.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Dept in bringing our new DXP for Commerce offering to market“, said Patrick Finn, Head of Global Channels at BloomReach. “With their skilled team of developers, designers end e-commerce specialists, they are well equipped to deliver outstanding projects for our joint customers.”



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