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Performance Marketing February 24, 2016

Benefits of Content Support as a Service for Enterprises


Managing digital content can be a daunting task for your staff, what with the seemingly endless stream of campaigns, product updates, press releases, error corrections, microsite launches, new services, sections and sites.

Add to that the necessity to maintain quality and consistency, localisation requirements, regulatory compliance and the adherence to web standards and it’s understandable that some organisations struggle with in-house capabilities and resource to manage it all.

Trained content editors from a dedicated content team, like the one at Dept, can provide support to get things done, as well as helping in-house staff learn the necessary skills to work with your content management system (CMS) more confidently.

The Knowledge/Time Dilemma

A common problem when considering content support services is ‘knowledge vs. time’. You’re paying your vendor/agency for their skills and expertise, and will likely want to absorb as much of that knowledge as possible into your own organisation.

On the other hand, your staff already have full-time jobs managing multiple marketing functions, resulting in them having little time to devote to content management.

If you outsource content management entirely, it is harder to incorporate the business and local market knowledge of your staff into your digital touchpoints.  But if you do get your staff to manage all the content, then they will likely be trying to fit it in around other tasks, and using systems they are not fully confident with. Either way, the quality suffers.

Benefits of Outsourcing

One way to resolve this is to work with an outside content team in support of your own staff. This external team can provide the necessary skills, and dedicate the time required to manage content effectively. At the same time, your staff can gradually develop their own content management skills, whilst retaining a high level of input and local market knowledge for the website.

This approach also lends itself to tackling three major challenges faced by global organisations overhauling or refining their digital platforms:

  1. Obtaining and/or maintaining brand consistency.
  2. Consolidating content from various legacy systems into one platform.
  3. A backlog of lingering, unresolved content issues.

At this point, some organisations may be considering simply creating their own dedicated Content Team. This is a great idea, but it complements rather than negates the extra resource, expertise, flexibility and fresh, evolving approach that an outside team can bring. As you work with a team of content editors, your own staff can draw on the training and extra resources offered for the long-term benefit of your organisation.

Content Services

A central content team can offer dedicated full-time resource and tailor their services to suit the way you work. Once you have decided to bring in an outside Content Support team, you may want to consider whether the below services are required for your organisation.

Content Audit/User Experience

If you are completely overhauling your content, or developing new websites, then it would be good to begin with a full content audit and assessment of user experience and goals. Dept has a dedicated Experience Design team that works with organisations to develop great user experiences.

Clearing Backlogs

As mentioned, a regular problem is issue backlogs. Getting content support to tackle these means they can quickly get to grips with your system, and help to resolve these issues whilst suggesting improvements.

Rapid Updates

Managing new issues and content through regular contact and tracking systems, such as JIRA, means they can be prioritised and handled quickly. This way you always know the status of various issues and projects, and problems can be addressed quickly.


Once your agency has gained the required the knowledge about your CMS and setup, training sessions and/or ad hoc training and support calls can be scheduled, so that knowledge is always shared. Documentation can be put together to make sure knowledge is all in one place and kept updated. This also provides a big help to new starters and hedges against staff turnover.

New Site Rollouts

A dedicated Content Support team can help you to quickly enter content for a new site, once build and testing are complete. This ensures timely completion of a master site and assistance for your own staff to localise content for their market.

How We Work

At Dept, the Content Support team is part of Digital Operations Services (DOS) team, which means we are directly supported by the technical and project management skills of our colleagues. Since each organisation is, of course, very different, we tailor our approach to each client’s needs and goals, while aiming to improve their processes and implement best practices.

Supporting your Digital Transformation

Whether you are looking for a quick turnaround on a backlog of issues, a long-term reorganisation of legacy content, or a whole new website, professional content editors trained in the use of enterprise CMS can support your team to achieve effective, organised content management.

Digital transformation continues to be the prevailing trend, and the sheer amount and increasing significance of digital content shows how important it is to ensure you have the resources needed to handle it well.

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