Native advertising

We’re all longing for ads that are more engaging and less intrusive. Native advertising is designed to match the look and feel of the websites on which they appear, making it way less disruptive than flashy banners or invasive pop-up ads. It’s the key to creating genuine connections between your prospects and brand.

How can we help

While extremely effective, native advertising can be time-consuming. At DEPT®, we want to save you some time. Our services make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of native advertising without going through all the stages of strategy development, campaign management and optimisation.

We start by analysing your past and present campaign account structure, performance, bids, advertisement quality, and conversion power. Based on this, we can help you to create clearly defined goals and develop a roadmap which supports your marketing strategy. We help you to find your way between the different channels, whether it’s a LinkedIn sponsored update or a Snapchat story. We help you to create the content that fits that specific audience and channel.

Ensuring that your native content blends with in-feed content, but also stands out by including click-worthy photos, video or text.

We then seamlessly integrate this new ad format into your existing campaigns and leverage the full power of machine learning within our campaigns to give you optimal results. By carefully monitoring your audiences and click-through rates, we keep on iterating on what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, to ensure complete transparency, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you know where every penny is going, and whether we need to change something about our approach, or continue on an already successful path.

The result? By combining data, creativity and technology, our experts deliver native ads that enable your brand to connect with consumers more authentically, on the platform and via the format of their choosing.