Strategy for Amazon

Implementing the right Amazon strategy is vital to your company’s sales and profits. By utilising our knowledge and Amazon best practices, we make sure your campaigns comply with the latest e-commerce strategies.

Data-driven strategy

To stay on top and continue to grow, it is crucial to constantly immerse yourself in market data, analyse it, and build appropriate future strategies.

We work together with our clients to identify market conditions and opportunities, and use case-specific insights. This helps us to build a strategyfocused on long-term success on Amazon:

  • Understanding the market structure and relevance
    We provide a clear picture of market participants, positioning, and development trends to identify growth opportunities.
  • Evaluation of consumer demand and performance
    We determine the product’s market fit and potential for success for individual product types.
  • Target audience definition
    We identify the consumer journey, purchase behavior, and traffic income to enable business success.

Knowledge exchange

Understanding the vast world of e-commerce opens the door to effective communication between us and our clients. Therefore, we offer services that create a common fundamental knowledge base for them. We provide training and deliver guides across the e-commerce & Amazon world to simplify and structure the internal working processes.

Our approach

To tackle the challenges of the Amazon jungle, we take a holistic approach, go beyond data deliverables, and facilitate knowledge exchange to build the right strategies.

To fulfill client demands, we combine concentrated knowledge with mature analysis techniques and find pathways to growth and long-term success.

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