Digital transformation

Organisations everywhere are due for a digital strategy update. We’re living in a new reality. Businesses, society and life itself are rapidly evolving to meet tomorrow’s world head-on. And there’s no doubt that tomorrow’s world is a digital one.

It’s hard to know where to start, but the need to evolve your digital approach is becoming increasingly necessary for organisations across all sectors. Legacy technology strategies and supporting processes no longer cut it. After all, digital is now a vital part of your value proposition, operations and customer experience. 

An expert digital transformation agency can help you to harness proven strategies, and achieve game-changing results.

Digital strategy consulting

DEPT® is your go-to partner when it comes to building and accelerating your digital business. With the latest technology, we can revamp your business model to improve customer experiences. 

As part of our digital strategy consulting service, we combine your knowledge of your industry with our expertise of the online world, to visualise where you want to go and how we can get there together.

Our digital roadmaps give brands a strategic plan to help prioritise investments and effort, identify critical interdependencies, and define the recommended scope of work. It helps you model the kind of digital skills and resources you need to help drive digital forward; and allows us to see how we can best help you.

DEPT® has consulted some of the world’s biggest brands on how to create impactful strategies that bring them seamlessly into the modern age, such as KFC. Through a cutting-edge new technology rollout, the goal was to create an industry-leading customer experience to surpass their quick-service competitors.

We achieved this with a focus on capturing the brand’s warmth and humour, while driving digital innovation in both in-store and online brand interactions with a new website and app. 

Specialist digital transformation agency

During the digital strategy consulting process, we look at your present situation, what you wish to achieve, and the effect on your entire organisation. We ask questions like: How do you reinvent your digital business? How do you achieve the set objectives?

A digital transformation agency like DEPT® will fully support you throughout this multifaceted undertaking, which encompasses people, process, platform and performance considerations. 

Using input from you on the relevant information for your audience, we draw up a sustainable roadmap, strategy and concept detailing short, medium and long-term digital goals for your organisation to focus on.

For Harwoods, we were brought on to help the luxury automotive retail group enter the new age of digital sales, to rival online industry disruptors. Incorporating design, technology and processes, we led a digital transformation project that helped the traditional retail champion to capture a whole new market and continue to scale.

Digital experience experts

True digital transformation only occurs by prioritising the user’s perspective. A digital experience agency helps you to put your customer first, in a way that’s meaningful for your business too. 

When you authentically communicate with audiences and show that you care about making them happy, it leads to tangible results.

We help you to satisfy user needs while leaving them with a positive experience of your digital offering. From first impressions of your brand to interacting with your site and making a transaction, we leverage customer insights to shape their journey and build your reputation.

DEPT® worked with Muuto to provide a new perspective on digital transformation. The furniture design brand turned to DEPT® to leverage Optimizely technology and help it drive digital transformation to deliver an enhanced customer experience. We collaborated with its existing partners to achieve the desired goal, culminating in the launch of a digital solution that gave customers a visceral experience, bringing them as close as possible to Muuto’s physical product.

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