E-commerce platforms

A successful e-commerce strategy is grounded in the 360° customer journey, which continues to be shaped by consumers in ever-evolving ways. Buyers now want to shop everywhere, at all times, hopping from device to device and channel to channel. From desktop and smartphones to wearable tech, home assistants to social media; today’s abundance of digital touchpoints demands increasingly sophisticated e-commerce platforms.

The proliferation of digital customer choice in recent years has necessitated a multi-experience approach to commerce from brands. User demand for omnichannel commerce means if you don’t explore new ways to engage with your users, they’ll quickly find what they need elsewhere.
With augmented reality, voice assistants, live video and social shopping now the norm for driving sales, you need the right architecture in place to deliver in the modern digital reality. 
So where do you start attempting to meet customer expectations in this brave new world where the only constant is change? At DEPT®, we help commerce companies to quickly ascertain what works for their customers. As a global e-commerce digital agency, we help businesses deliver on engaging ideas. 

Platform selection

The right e-commerce platforms allow your products to flourish and drive sales. We take an agnostic approach to platform selection, advising clients on how to find a solution that best aligns to their needs. This is based on our experience with a host of providers, including Salesforce, commercetools, Optimizely, Adobe, Shopify Plus and Sitecore. We can offer support to optimise your existing platform, but also know what to do when you’re looking for a new one.

As trusted, long-term partners of these technology providers, we can provide expert help to brands, incorporating every aspect of implementing a strong e-commerce strategy. We can implement ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions with efficient, multi-faceted tools like Salesforce and Adobe; or take a headless or composable approach with tech provided by commercetools or Sitecore, amongst many others.

DEPT® is best placed to help you optimise your digital commerce capabilities in a fast-changing landscape; and future-ready your brand online with features designed to help you thrive, such as a cloud-native design that allows you to scale and deliver optimal performance.

B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms

Whether your business has been a fixture of the industry for decades or is a new entrant, DEPT®’s expertise in B2C and B2B platforms and solutions can provide your business with a market-leading commerce experience and comprehensive data collection, helping you to maximise online sales.

We are the trust commerce partner of a vast range of brands. DEPT® helped cycling industry leader Canyon take their digital presence firmly into the future, building trust through personalisation, anonymity and seamless integration. Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we helped to implement an online shopping experience that offered customised UX for customers in 80 countries.

We were also brought on by outdoor apparel retailer Patagonia to build a design-led platform. Uniting their clear mission statement with a seamless shopping experience, developing a cohesive new web and mobile offering which saw a 25% uplift in revenue as a result.

Technical, industrial, and manufacturing companies often require more unique functionality from an e-commerce platform than a B2C company. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve helped B2B companies such as Brenntag and CARU Containers to become leaders in digital commerce.

As a traditional business operating entirely offline, international chemical distributor Brenntag wanted to provide users with a tool that would allow them to place orders digitally. DEPT® built and facilitated the launch of Brenntag Connect, which saw over 1,800 customer registrations in its first six months and broke new ground in the sector.

When Just Eat Takeaway needed an e-commerce digital agency to help create a more data-driven marketplace for its B2B offering, they enlisted DEPT®. We oversaw the migration of their current platform, Magento, to commercetools and Prismic, creating an enhanced customer experience through optimised site structures and transactional processes.

From UX design and online checkout, through to loyalty programmes, order fulfilment and returns, we make the complex simple and know how to create a seamless experience from search to sales. 

We have broad experience in global roll-outs with multiple languages, currencies and regional regulatory compliance. When suitable, we integrate with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to expand the active market.

Specialist e-commerce digital agency

Staying at the forefront of e-commerce developments ensures your business is ready when a new sales channel arises. 
DEPT® supports many brands with building and adopting the most relevant e-commerce platforms, from traditional retailers whose future is dependent on digital expansion; to e-commerce businesses who want to stay ahead of the game in how they meet customer needs online.
Whether you’re looking to establish your online commerce presence, update your existing e-commerce platforms for a better customer experience, or drive further innovation by implementing tomorrow’s tools and tech, DEPT® can help.
Get in touch today to find out how an e-commerce platform development agency like DEPT® can help support the evolution of your brand.


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside