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Certified Developers

Dept is a Gold Sitecore partner agency with a large team of experienced Sitecore-certified developers, all ready to help you to maximise your investment in the Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP). We can help you achieve higher implementation quality, reduce risk and maximise the value of your overall technology investment.

Working with the World's biggest brands

Dept has been a Sitecore partner since 2013 and, in that time, has implemented Sitecore solutions for some of the world’s leading B2C and B2B enterprise brands. Our Sitecore-certified developers in Europe and the US help global organisations to maximise the functionality of Sitecore’s leading content management system, such as its multilingual capabilities, automated marketing, multivariate testing and personalisation.

Dept’s creativity, culture and agility, teamed with our international scale, enables us to deliver rapid innovation around the Sitecore stack for our clients, globally.  Our Sitecore technical consultants and digital strategists have deep expertise in Sitecore technology, digital and marketing business processes, and the MarTech ecosystem.

We’ve delivered Sitecore projects for a range of enterprise organisations across both B2B and B2C sectors, including Formula E, Triumph Motorcycles, Johnson Matthey and many more.



Dept covers every aspect of your Sitecore website project, from strategy, UX and design, through to front-end and back-end development and ongoing 24/7 support.

  • Global Gold Partner
    Dept is a Global Gold Partner with offices across Europe and North America. We can deliver for our clients at scale, yet provide a local presence on the ground. You will have a dedicated team that will become an extension of your digital team.
  • Award-winning  solutions
    Dept was the 2019 Sitecore Experience Award winner for ‘Most Innovative use of Sitecore as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)’ for its collaboration with Formula E.
  • Integration engineers 
    We are technology agnostic and have vast experience in integrating multiple systems. We are experienced in the most complex of Sitecore installations, integrations, configurations and deployments.
  • Experience platform experts
    We are experts in building scalable, secure and performant cloud platforms. From simple virtualisation to fully containerised, disposable and decoupled architectures.
  • 24/7 Support
    Our Digital Operations Team is dedicated to providing round-the-clock infrastructure and application support. Expert in configuring, monitoring, optimising and supporting Sitecore platforms.

Dept's SITECORE Practice

Dept has been a Sitecore partner since 2013. Since then, we’ve helped global companies to implement the full functionality of Sitecore’s leading content management system and customer experience platform, such as its multilingual capabilities, automated marketing, multivariate testing and personalisation. Dept blends technology and digital marketing expertise to increase the business value of your Sitecore investment. 

With over 50.NET developers, 150 UX and design resources, 100+ Front end developers, 100 data & analytics experts. 350 digital marketing, and over 50 dedicated support staff, we can easily scale with your ambitions. 

We have deep experience and expertise across the following areas:

  • Sitecore CMS, Sitecore EXP, Personalisation, Automation and Commerce
  • Evolving existing solutions to improve experience for users and to elevate business performance
  • Large scale design and build
  • Agile delivery of experience/platform enhancements via multi-disciplinary teams
  • Maintenance and optimization programmes
  • Continuous delivery maturity model assessment
  • Optimisation & CRO Strategy
  • Complex integrations
  • Platform migration to and from Sitecore
  • Infrastructure migration to SaaS, PaaS architectures
  • Migration to Azure, AWS cloud hosting, and Sitecore DXC
  • 24/7 hosting and support

We invest in our team & the Sitecore community

We have great experience with the Sitecore product which enables us to make recommendations that will fit seamlessly within your existing ecosystem. We excel in Sitecore and deliver the best possible customer experiences. Dept has active Sitecore accounts across the globe, with project experience in most sectors across the agency. 

Our developers are fully trained and certified by Sitecore within three months of joining Dept. We have Strategy & Ambassador MVP staff within our agency. We attend all Sitecore, partner and community managed events in the UK, Europe and North America, being an active participant in Sitecore partner advisory council to bring our insight and expertise back to our clients. 

With a dedicated group of 150+ Sitecore resources comprising architects, developers, UX designers, optimisation experts and digital strategists.

Dept has created an EMEA/US wide centre of excellence to develop best practices and strengthen capabilities with expertise across all facets of the Sitecore experience platform. Our Sitecore centres in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, London, Manchester, Boston and New York, we build secure and high performance technology products built to Sitecore Helix principles, so they can scale in line with your ambitions. 

We know which features can be taken advantage of, and how to innovate the Sitecore platform to enable our clients to maximise the value of the product investments already made, in order to focus on delivering the best experience to your customers.

Sitecore - Key Features

Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP) is a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Sitecore XP provides a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools that empower marketers to be able to deliver timely and relevant content, delivering the right message, to the right customer at the right time, regardless of their channel.

  • Robust Web Analytics
    With Sitecore Experience Analytics marketers can measure which marketing activity is driving higher value user engagements, and use these insights to test and optimise marketing campaigns.
  • 360 Customer View
    With Sitecore Experience Database (Sitecore XDB) and Experience Profile (xProfile) organisations can connect web analytics data with CRM data to build a 360 degree view of all customers interactions (both online and offline).
  • Personalisation
    Using the data stored within XDB marketers can quickly create personalisation rules based on users past user behaviours and their predicted intentions.
  • Testing and Optimisation
    The easy to use interface of the Sitecore Experience Platform makes launching A/B and Multivariate testing easy, allowing you to constantly refine and improve conversion rates.
  • Marketing Automation
    With Sitecore Experience Manager organisations can launch personalised and tailored email marketing campaigns based on smart automation workflows.

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