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Canyon Bicycles is a leading manufacturer of racing, mountain and triathlon bikes. Regarded as some of the best value options on the market, top athletes and the best teams worldwide rely on the brand’s high-tech bikes. Canyon is a pure play digital brand, selling its bikes online and direct-to-consumer, without intermediaries or sales partners. This is exceptional because the advice-intensive offer from Canyon speaks of a classic offline retail business. So, how has Canyon managed to become a leader in the cycling industry?

A purely digital experience

As a pure online player, Canyon sells all of its bikes online. This means that 100% of the product experience takes place digitally. The challenge here is to meet the high information needs of customers and to build trust because sports bikes are rarely a spontaneous purchase.

If customer interaction is primarily digital, this also creates new challenges such as customer anonymity. It is therefore important to better understand the interaction of consumers with the Canyon brand, to know which customers are interested in which products, and then build individual and relevant worlds of experience for them, across all touchpoints. From the brand’s website to social media and advertising campaigns, DEPT® has helped Canyon elevate their digital presence.

Creating an online cross-cloud solution

The Approach

A cross-cloud salesforce solution

80 markets in 18 languages

Elevating Canyon’s digital presence

DEPT® has future-proofed the brand by delivering a strong e-commerce platform in addition to adding some tools to the company’s repertoire to further raise their brand awareness. However, our partnership is still ongoing and we aim to continue optimising all digital touchpoints.

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