Web and mobile app design

When it comes to designing a digital offering, businesses have to equally prioritise visual appeal with a user experience customers will love to deliver a tonally consistent extension of their brand. Both website design services and mobile app design need to balance aesthetics with functionality, in a way that helps brands to stand out among competitors. 

Whether you’re overhauling your existing digital estate or just establishing your brand identity online, you’ll want to meet your audience’s high standards to build and maintain their trust. Today’s technological landscape offers ever-evolving means of creating incredible interactions, so users demand platforms that are simultaneously eye-catching, relevant, seamless and high-performing, across every channel.

DEPT® takes a digital-first approach to website design services and mobile app design, helping to bring brands to life and better connect you with your customers.

Mobile app design

A mobile app helps you to establish or build on a meaningful relationship with mobile users, connecting with audiences efficiently through the device they constantly have to hand. You can make a significant impact by maximising the potential of this marketing channel, as it helps you to cut through the noise within a space that’s dedicated to your brand.

Far more than an extension of your website, an app needs to add value for users while making your brand identity and messaging clear and memorable. In order to stay in customers’ minds, it needs to be designed with the intention of repeated use to be worth taking up valuable space on customer devices.

If you’re looking to refresh and revitalise your brand image and reinforce your brand values, a mobile app is a way to instantly communicate that to your customer. As part of the mobile app design process, we carry out design sprints and user testing to refine the end product and optimise your app, using real-world data.

When football team Inter updated its brand identity, it turned to DEPT® to bring this to life through web and mobile app design and help them reach a global audience becoming increasingly connected to sport through digital channels. Crucially, the strategy we created offered differentiation that would give relevance to the different areas of Inter’s online presence.

Website design services

Your website gives you an invaluable chance to make a first impression, so it’s essential to engage your customers from the moment they land on your homepage. You’ll want your brand personality to be instantly clear, with a continuation of your story on every page in the customer journey.

Your website’s user experience will need to keep your audience captivated, by being intuitive enough to hold their attention and enjoyable enough to leave your mark afterwards. Innovation is key in a world where the digital channels of industry-leading brands are creating next-level interactions in ever-changing ways, every single day. 

Working with digital design experts like DEPT®, you can be one of those brands creating enticing online experiences your audience will be compelled to take notice of.

DEPT® designed a new website for healthy drinks brand innocent, who wanted to bring their online offering up to date and reflect their strong brand identity. We ensured the visuals and tone of voice brought together their playful branding and purposeful mission, remaining authentic while inspiring customers with new features. This was carried throughout various touchpoints, from the homepage to product and 404 pages.

And when iconic food processing company Heinz wanted to reinvigorate their website following a rebrand, they tasked DEPT® with communicating this new chapter and revised ethos to their lifelong, loyal audiences. 

We created a design system that would facilitate the scale of this undertaking, with comprehensive brand guidelines. A pattern library of components and wireframes enabled efficiency in processes, allowing Heinz teams to work flexibly and consistently as they continued to move with the times and maintain an impactful presence online.

Specialist web and mobile app design agency

DEPT®’s website and mobile app design services bring brands to life in the digital realm. 

We design fluid, scalable and accessible websites and apps, which empower you to continue your brand’s digital journey with confidence. Our award-winning designers, front-end and back-end developers work together to take an all-encompassing, multi-channel approach, marrying core principles and best practices in strategy, design and user experience.

We take a customer-first approach to web and mobile app design, which means we plan with the user experience at the front and centre of all considerations. We take the time to get to know your audience and conduct research to understand what problem they want solved and how they generally behave. 

Get in touch today to find out how DEPT® can help you to strengthen your brand identity with our website and mobile app design services.

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