Welcome to Prepare to Pioneer

Coming up…

4:30pm – 4:40pm : 🎭 Introduction (Main stage)
Alice Brine, comedian

4:30pm – 5:00pm : 🚀 Welcome to Prepare to Pioneer (Main stage)
Dimi Albers & Joanna Trippett

5:00pm – 5:30pm : 🔥 Brand Pioneers Panel (Main stage)
Rory Cellan-Jones, Alex Allcott, Cassandra Hall, Christoph Liefländer, Dimi Albers.

5:30pm – 5:45pm : Breakout Sessions I

🔮 AI won’t steal your job, but people who use it will
Isabel Perry, VP of Emerging Technology

💫 Gen A: your 8 year old knows more about tech than you
Sanjit Deb, Director of Strategy

5:45pm – 6:00pm : Breakout Sessions II

Main stage:

💊 Red or blue pill: what really is the future of creativity?
Jeff Bowerman, Executive Creative Director


💪 How to pioneer your way out of (almost) anything
Brian Robinson, UK Managing Director

6:10pm – 6:20pm : 🖼️ NFTs Token workshop (Boardroom)
Alejandro Reinel, Data and Integrations Engineer

6:00pm onwards : ✨ Drinks, food, music, magic

Top tip: for a visual treat, download Snapchat and log in. When you’re outside, click this link and look up at the building…

Floor plan 4

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