Just Eat Takeaway: Project Sundae

Just Eat Takeaway came to DEPT® with a question: how do we produce global creative that helps solve local market problems? 

We started by taking a step back and reviewing Just Eat Takeaway’s existing creative strategy. 

From this we identified 4 core issues:

Repeating ourselves

Serving very similar ads across lots of different media objectives.

Same messages to different audiences

Using the same messaging across all markets. 

Stuck in manual

Losing time manually producing very similar assets from scratch.

Not testing enough

Not learning enough from the current creative to achieve more effective ads. 

Our solution: Project Sundae

The Sundae is an automated system, using Smartly, that pulls together all the ingredients for the most effective creative assets. 

This allows all creative to be completely customisable (at any time) from message tweaks to an asset refresh.

We take our learnings and pump them back into the mix, to ensure our paid approach is efficient, effective and relevant to each global Just Eat Takeaway market. 

So how does Project Sundae actually work?

Project Sundae sits across the funnel as an always-on tool. It works by selecting the best messages and creative combinations based on a pre-designed template. Tailored to different markets, objectives and funnel stages. 

We created pre-designed templates that look like this

They’re then populated based on this from a feed

Flexing based on the different objectives the ads are trying to achieve in the relevant markets 

Producing global creative that are tailored to local market needs

The impact Project Sundae has had 🍦

  • 400% cheaper vs manual asset production
  • Asset production (from months to minutes)
  • Seamless media setups
  • Highly scalable across markets
  • Consistent creative globally


Assets produced (and counting)