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Why the metaverse matters for brands and how to act on it

Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke
Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke
VP of Marketing, EMEA
3 min read
21 November 2021

At Meta Festival 2021, we came together with experts from the digital marketing, e-commerce and tech scenes, as well as futurists, designers and psychologists, to discuss the emerging metaverse trend and what it means for marketers, consumers and wider society.

The new normal is here to stay

The pandemic rapidly accelerated the shift towards remote and hybrid work, pushed new technologies, and simultaneously shaped novel ways of how we connect to each other in the digital space.

This new normal is here to stay and is influencing not only how we work and live, but also how we consume. There has been a notable shift in business mindsets, with the potential of virtual realities being used far beyond the gaming and entertainment sphere. VR (no, not necessarily a VR headset) is increasingly being seen as the next technology revolution to create, discover, identify, socialise, collaborate and democratise. This shift can be compared to how mobile technology revolutionised our culture, from the very first iPhone release to now; the metaverse is the next iteration of the internet and will revolutionise how humans interact and live their lives.

The future outlook predicts there will be shared virtual worlds (all together as one metaverse), where we will have a new economy, environment, currency and behaviours. Where game mechanics, massive interactive live events (MILEs), blockchain-enabled digital goods and virtual commerce will all blend together.

First-movers are entering the game

Pioneering brands like GucciBalenciaga
DisneyBMW and Snap are using first-mover momentum and stepping into the metaverse, maximising its potential by creating virtual fashion, assets, content, communities and experiences. It will be exciting so see which brands will join them and what experiences they will create. One thing is for sure: the time to start is now!

How to act on it

The first step is to analyse the potential of the metaverse in regards to how it can serve your business needs and the needs of your target audience best. How to master the metaverse as a brand is strongly connected to the problems you want to solve:

Do you want to enter the metaverse? Or would you just like to exchange thoughts with us about the topic? Feel free to reach out to us – we’re passionate about the metaverse and happy to find like-minded partners to explore with!

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VP of Marketing, EMEA

Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke