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User testing: the remote formula for success

Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson
Managing Director UK
4 min read
8 March 2021

In recent months we have discovered that we can continue to provide endless solutions for digital issues, even against the backdrop of coronavirus restrictions – user testing being a very important example of this. At DEPT® we show that the power of user testing does not depend on the way you do it, but the quality and expertise you provide.

The value of user testing

User testing is a must in the digital age. It is by definition the best way to confirm or reject assumptions about a product, increase efficiency and encourage the ultimate success of a product or service. It ensures that our work matches the wishes and needs of a user as closely as possible. 

“Designing solutions for people we don’t know is like developing parts for a machine we’ve never used.”

Although we’re now conducting user testing remotely, all the benefits still stand. On top of that, you save time as a company and the online tools used can help you with automating test reports based on the collected data. From a participant’s perspective, remote user testing is also a lot more relaxed, since it can be done from home and there is no hassle with equipment. Win, win. 

Our different methods

At DEPT® we make user testing possible using multiple different methods. In a nutshell, these are: design validation; proposition testing; and usability testing. Each method has its own advantage, goal and result, which can be perfectly tailored to the product and demand.

Design validation

This is a method of user testing to quickly discover what users prefer when it comes to a particular topic. This takes place during the design process and offers the possibility to easily test small design or concept issues. We then provide solid advice based on the results that are processed in a UsabilityHub report.

Proposition testing

This form of testing is most suitable for discovering whether the user is actually interested in the product. Proposition testing takes place during the concept phase and the first design phase. Based on the results, it can be concluded whether people would be willing to purchase the product concerned.

Usability testing

Usability testing is also part of DEPT®’s offering. This is about whether the user understands the operation of the product and whether it appeals to them. Usability testing takes place during the design process, with the focus on examining assumptions and testing any bottlenecks. The test day produces findings that are then used to answer the previously formulated research questions, from which we compile a test report. In this we process not only the results, but also our advice and recommendations for the future.

Lookback.Io in the spotlight

When looking for a tool to support optimum user testing, we researched various tools and ultimately chose The tool works on desktop, tablet and mobile, and feels like a video call with some useful extras, making it most like traditional user testing.

The respondent sees the researcher and a test screen. So it is a one-on-one conversation between the researcher and the user. Those who watch – colleagues, the customer, etc. – are invisible to the respondents, making it a natural conversation. As a viewer, you can watch the respondent’s screen and the design being tested. The respondent does not see viewers taking timestamped notes and asking the researcher questions. This interactivity is efficient and engaging for respondents and viewers alike.

Respondents are in a natural environment, so we as researchers get access to the real world of the participant. In addition, they work with their own, trusted technology, which creates a more realistic situation.

What can we do for your company

Thanks to our many years of experience, DEPT® has the approach and techniques necessary to get the most out of user testing, even when it comes to delivering it remotely. We have the right tools for any desired form of testing, a well-trained team of user researchers and can offer all the service you need with a live stream and chat room during the usability tests. Remote user testing also remains the ultimate success formula for any product or service.

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