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The 4 Ps of excellent customer experience enablement

Jonathan Whiteside
Jonathan Whiteside
Global SVP Technology & Engineering
2 min read
7 October 2014

Think of a great digital customer experience example. What do you see? A mobile-optimised website that delivers timely, personalised content? An app with slick functionality that promotes conversion? Integrated touchpoints that tie in with your personas and tie up the customer journey?

Whilst you’d be right in thinking that optimised websites, relevant content and an exceptionally designed front-end are ubiquitous with delivering great customer experience, at DEPT® we believe there are four vital pillars that must be put in place first, in order to deliver the optimum experience.

People, Processes, Products and Performance – four extremely important areas that we focus on when building our clients’ digital capabilities.

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Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside