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Sitecore acquires Boxever and Four51

Lizzie Powell
Lizzie Powell
Managing Director, Design & Technology UK
3 min read
3 March 2021

Sitecore has entered into definitive agreements to acquire Boxever Ltd, a SaaS-based optimisation solution, and Four51 Inc, a headless B2B e-commerce platform. The acquisitions follow Sitecore’s January announcement of a $1.2 billion investment plan to fuel aggressive growth and innovation.

As a Gold partner agency, DEPT® welcomed the announcement, which demonstrates Sitecore’s commitment to constantly evolve its market offering, accelerate the delivery of SaaS-based digital experience platforms, and embrace headless technology.

Steve Tzikakis, CEO of Sitecore, said: “Sitecore is paving a better path forward for brands that don’t want to give up on offering powerful, individualized experiences. It starts by building a modern architecture that is flexible, faster to implement and easy to integrate by virtue of our SaaS-based, API-first Digital Experience Platform. Our end-to-end modern SaaS content-to-commerce suite will enable customers to offer individually personalized experiences in real-time and at scale.”

It will be interesting to see how Boxever’s exciting digital optimisation platform integrates with the current xDB or replaces the current offering. Data is a key bedrock of the Sitecore experience platform, so to see the company invest in a pure-play data platform can only be a good thing for its current client base. It will surely be at the heart of the platform’s data driven experiences and help make customer interactions smarter. Sitecore’s digital experience platform empowers thousands of the world’s smartest brands, and the combination of Sitecore and Boxever will redefine what’s possible with digital experience.

The other new commerce player in Sitecore’s arsenal is Four51, an API-first, headless e-commerce solution, has been designed for enterprises to quickly and easily deliver engaging shopping experiences. It powers e-commerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions for businesses, and will further enhance the stronghold Sitecore already has in the B2B market. With the technology, people and processes being purchased, Sitecore will inherit a forward thinking organisation with extensive headless expertise.

It is this different mindset that I hope will accelerate the Sitecore Experience Commerce offering. From our perspective at DEPT®, it is a huge positive to have experts join the Sitecore family who echo our own sector experience in enterprise manufacturing, distribution and retail, and who are also looking to redefine and accelerate commerce experiences.

Hot on the heels of Sitecore’s recently announced $1.2 billion growth plan, these acquisitions cement Sitecore’s commitment to invest in its roadmap and ensure the platform keeps innovating with product and people.

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Managing Director, Design & Technology UK

Lizzie Powell