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Pipedrive puts SMBs in the hot seat 

Ali Mcclintock
Ali Mcclintock
Managing Director, Marketing Technology UK
3 min read
28 September 2023

Pipedrive, the easy and effective sales CRM for small businesses, is taking customers on a road trip down memory lane, in its latest marketing campaign. In a content series coined “The Pipedrive” – the business version of carpool karaoke – Pipedrive takes small business owners on a journey, and they share the twists and turns of their business growth experiences.

Traditionally tales of wisdom have been gatekept – it’s not what you know but who you know. And, unfortunately, there’s no training manual for starting a business. “The Pipedrive” repackages business advice from real people in a digital-first, fun, and ownable format, available globally. Each episode highlights real experiences shared by small business owners gathered through social media to discover the most compelling user stories. The selected Pipedrive customers go on a trip down memory lane and share real results, tips, tricks, and pitfalls of growing a business, to democratise business advice that can help the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Lead creative agency DEPT® wanted to create a format that pushed up against normal B2B content: the art direction and design approach resulted in a cinematic feel like the business owners were starring in their own show. Through bold and impactful titles, bespoke name cards, and end frames that invoke a sense of travel, each episode is meant to feel like a mini feature-length film about them and their business story. 

The idea is king

“At Pipedrive, customer obsession is the driving force behind all our endeavors. Through ‘The Pipedrive’ campaign, we aim to amplify the voices of our valued customers and employ engaging storytelling techniques to showcase their remarkable journeys in building their businesses – complete with the inevitable highs and lows. Through these inspiring stories, Pipedrive celebrates the SMBs that power our local economy and contribute immeasurable value to diverse industries,” said Heidrun Luyt, CMO at Pipedrive.

“At DEPT®, we believe the idea is king. We absolutely loved this campaign because it showed that despite media budget, placement, and end asset – it doesn’t mean it’s not an opportunity to give your client the best creative solution possible and push up against category norms, whilst being engaging, fun, and digestible”, said Sasha Jackson and Lewys Williams, Senior Creatives at DEPT®.

In parallel, Pipedrive is also building on its 2022 platform “This moment was made with Pipedrive”, which celebrates both big and small office victories and emphasises Pipedrive as a partner that understands businesses’ needs. Building on this success, Pipedrive sought to increase spontaneous brand awareness among small business decision-makers in the UK and Germany through traditional media forums. This involved a cross-channel media approach with a focus on OOH and podcast advertising in key markets.


Managing Director, Marketing Technology UK

Ali Mcclintock