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DEPT® welcomes new designer through graduate scheme with Salford University

Alexandra Moorhouse
Alexandra Moorhouse
Marketing Director, UK&I
3 min read
25 July 2019

A recent graduate of the University of Salford’s Graphic Design programme has been hired for a one-year internship with DEPT® following a competitive selection process. A creative brief was launched across multiple campuses; inviting third-year students to unleash their creativity and submit one piece of work that not only defines them as a designer but also has the capability to better the world. The top applicants were invited to present their ideas to a panel of DEPT® judges, followed by a Q&A session and agency tour.

Alex Murray was ultimately chosen as the frontrunner for his Soundwave App, which tailors music to the next generation through redefining audio rituals and habits. Alex’s clever idea and use of motion video to present the concept really impressed the team. He now joins the design team in DEPT®’s Manchester office ambitiously aiming to gain industry experience to expand on his education after graduation.

“ Throughout the three years that I studied graphic design at Salford, I developed a huge interest in UX/UI, which led to my interest in this internship at DEPT®. I always wanted to be involved with an agency that has so many huge clients and I thought an internship at a place like this would be perfect for me. I’m still in my first month here and am literally learning something new every hour – I’m just constantly learning.”

The post-graduate internship opportunity at DEPT® is arranged through The Mara Foundation, which was set up in the name and memory of Mike Mara after he passed away from cancer in 2015. Mike was an inspirational designer who was dedicated to improving his creative output during his employment at e3creative (a Manchester digital agency that DEPT® acquired in 2019). 

Alex further commented: “for any graduate, a year internship is a jackpot. I think the culture at DEPT® is perfect. It really is a great atmosphere to work in and it is actually kind of strange how much I have in common with the design team. It’s great knowing that the people around you share your interests, as well as the drive to perform. I’m definitely enjoying my time here already. I want to interact with as many designers as possible and just make the most of it really, take every day as it comes and be the best I can.” 

Alex is the second graduate to join DEPT®’s design team as part of this graduate programme. Jasmine Thomas, who also graduated from the University of Salford’s Graphic Design programme in 2018, thrived during her internship and was recently promoted to Junior Designer at DEPT®. Alex has big footsteps to follow but the entire team at DEPT® is looking forward to collaborating with him to jumpstart his career and unlock his full potential.

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