The city of Berlin on Instagram

For @visit_berlin we developed a content strategy whose visual language provides moments of longing and inspiration from the German capital. Trendy spots from the fields of architecture, food, or sights are presented. By communicating Berlin’s current atmosphere, such as weather conditions, new locations or events, @visit_berlin can be perceived as a window to the city.

Discover exciting places through instameets

In order to constantly expand the community and to inspire them for Berlin, we organise quarterly Instameets where we explore exciting places together with local influencers. Some locations are made exclusively accessible to @visit_berlin, such as the Olympic Stadium or Opera Buildings.

User generated content is authentic


The production and organisation of the photo content for @visit_berlin is mainly done by DEPT®. The content is used beyond Instagram for both online and print media: our content is used on Facebook, Twitter, the visitBerlin visitBerlin blog and on the website. An additional integration of user-generated content leads to greater community commitment towards the account.

When we took over the channel, 10,000 users followed @visit_berlin. Since 2014 we have increased the number of followers by more than 1000%. Community management is particularly active and authentic: through the consistent use of high-quality visual language, more than 500,000 user contributions can now be found under the hashtag #visit_berlin.


new subscribers


impressions per image


user-generated postings


  • More than 140K organic subscriber growth in less than four years
  • 500K postings at #visit_berlin Community Hashtag with regular UGC reposts
  • Monthly content productions with secondary use on Facebook, Twitter, website and blog
  • Organic ranges of up to 100K impressions per image
  • Establishment of several topic-related hashtags, e.g. #foodspots_berlin or #secretspots_berlin


Client Services Director

Diana Welte

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