Tapping into the psyche of Xbox gamers

DEPT® teamed up with Microsoft Ireland on their social strategies and campaigns for Xbox Ireland, Surface, Office 365, and HR. Microsoft Ireland approached us initially looking for support in running their Xbox Ireland social media channels. The channels were facing a lot of challenges including a disengaged audience and no local context. So for this challenge we were asked to tap into Ireland’s unique gaming culture and to bring an Irish flavour to their channels.

Falling in love again

The Irish are passionate about gaming, however they had fallen out of love with Xbox Ireland’s Facebook page. Through a considered mix of localised and original content, targeted giveaways, and effective media campaigns we explored their loves, likes, and hates. Then, by tapping into their psyche, we were able to deliver a consistent and creative content schedule that continued to deliver engaging results.

Our strategy reinvigorated Xbox Ireland’s presence and reputation on social media


increase in followers





Getting the message out

Our content team at DEPT® work closely with Xbox’s EMEA team to ensure we are hitting all the right notes for Xbox news, releases and updates. Then we add the secret sauce of locally produced content to connect with our Irish based fans. From posting As Gaeilge, to capturing local events, filming our own gaming mishaps, and of course celebrating days like St Patrick’s Day we are well placed to ensure our fans get a thousand welcomes. We also produced a mini-campaign of All-Ireland 2017 inspired Xbox Design Lab controllers content to marry our fans passion for local GAA clubs and Xbox.

It’s essential to get the message out there and build interest. That’s why we support Xbox’s in-store and retailer activities with targeted social and PPC campaigns. By defining each retailer’s specific audience and interests we can tailor our message to generate great results.

We negotiated the murky world of influencers to pinpoint and recommend a number of Irish gamers to Xbox. Getting the right people is essential and if you are lucky enough to do so you will get content and enthusiasm that can’t be beaten.


A mixture of strategy and in-depth analysis resulted in an 42.7% increase in followers and 212.9k engagements in total on Twitter last year. Facebook saw almost 40k Irish Facebook users engaged, 19.8m impressions (13.1m generated without any paid media) and 148k engagements.


VP of Growth, Experience and Engineering

Lizzie Powell

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