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Global digitisation and direct-to-consumer strategy

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Global kitchenware manufacturer and seller, The Cookware Company, is a pioneer in smart cookware solutions. Over the years, the brand has extended its scope to offer its product solutions not just to professionals, but to everyone. With the aim of selling direct-to-consumer (D2C), The Cookware Company partnered with DEPT® to maximise its D2C strategy. Thanks to a flexible Salesforce set up and complementary design system, it’s now possible for The Cookware Company to quickly and efficiently tap into new markets around the world.

Affordable and luxury brands

The Cookware Company’s success story began in 2007 with GreenPan, the first non-stick pan on the market to not release toxins when overheated. In no time, the company grew into a world-class, innovative brand with a portfolio ranging from affordable to luxury kitchenware and includes names such as Greenchef, Vita + Verde, Merten & Storck, Kempen and Begeer, and BK. The latter two Dutch brands were added to The Cookware Company’s portfolio in 2018, after it acquired them from the Royal Delft Group.

Catching up with online

When The Cookware Company turned to DEPT®, it was on the cusp of major organisational change. With an improved D2C strategy, it was time to start selling products through its own digital channels and DEPT® was appointed to ensure that the opportunity was maximised. Due to the pandemic, the global focus on online sales has increased enormously in a relatively short period of time. In short, it was high time to start offering all brands’ kitchen items in the right way: online. The entire internal organisational structure was redesigned to align with the digital future and to effectively tap into different markets quickly, as the brand was perceived to be slightly behind in its digital transformation.

The process and result

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Design system

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Flexible and efficient model

The Cookware Company’s first online store for its GreenPan label went live in the UK at the end of March 2021 and the model has since been rolled out to other countries and brands. The flexible Salesforce setup and design system make it possible to tap into these new markets quickly and efficiently. We will also implement a customer data platform (CDP), which will help The Cookware Company to predict visitor and purchase behaviour and to deploy marketing activities as efficiently as possible.

A proud collaboration

This was a rewarding, intensive collaboration. The Cookware Company is very ambitious and we were asked to deliver high-quality work within a short period of time. In just a few months, leveraging the expertise of our strategists, designers, SEO specialists, data consultants, technical architects and developers, together we’ve conceptualised and delivered an entirely new, successful e-commerce set-up for the brand. And this is just the beginning, DEPT® remains involved as a supporting partner of The Cookware Company.


Principal Digital Consultant, Design & Technology

Katy White

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