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A new affiliate programme for branding and performance

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The power of partnerships within affiliate marketing relies on accurate data insights. Unilever-owned international beauty brand, Paula’s Choice, teamed up with DEPT® to launch an affiliate programme to reach new customers, while forging stronger bonds with existing influencers. Success was brought to life through the platform Partnerize, bridging the gap between performance and branding.

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A new affiliate programme

Paula’s Choice stands for fair skincare. With each product backed by scientific research and unlimited ambition, the brand is growing rapidly. This growth led the company to reevaluate its affiliate programme, which led to two main goals being established: 

01 Create an extra revenue stream based on content
02 Reach new customers through affiliate collaborations

We set up the affiliate program in Partnerize as broadly as possible. Partnerships were established with both traditional affiliate publishers and influencers with whom the PR team of Paula’s Choice had already built good relationships. In addition, Partnerize provides additional data insights into product performance and customers that were previously untapped.

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Our approach

Affiliate for branding and performance

Valuable data and specific target groups

Strong PR and affiliate collaboration

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Reach specific target groups and create additional revenue streams with an affiliate programme


The partnership between DEPT® and Paula’s Choice produced an affiliate programme that hit all main goals within three months of the launch.

  • 40% of affiliate revenue was generated by content publishers at the beginning of the customer journey, of which 36% was through influencers
  • MoM turnover increased from 43% to peak at +94%
  • 82% of those purchasing through the affiliate programme were new customers

Combining the strengths of performance and influencer marketing to build on strong existing partnerships, our strategy contributed to the growth of additional sales and the brand’s customer base.


Managing Director, Design & Technology UK

Lizzie Powell

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