Automation of Media Buying

Change is the only constant, right? From prices to product inventory, things can change by the minute. Your target audience and their customer journey phase also don’t stay static. This means your campaigns need to be up to date. All the time.

Luckily, nowadays, technology can automate and optimise the process of media buying in real-time. So brands can harness the power of AI and automation to help them navigate the increasingly complex process of buying and selling ads.

How we can help

Our mission is to fuel your brand’s growth by connecting your products to the right audience through creativity, data and technology. To do this, our experts combine existing consumer insights and data to serve ads to the right user at the right time, and at the right price. Enabling you to deliver personalised messages to your clients while avoiding platforms and demographics which do not fit your target audience. Your investments will generate a higher return while also being more effective.

We develop machine learning solutions to optimise and automate manual campaign management. Custom solutions that tap AI for media buying across a variety of platforms. Many of our tools are designed to alter your campaigns based on different data sources. Like your product feed or actions of your competitors, but also the current weather. Other applications are customer clustering and customer journey attribution.

We use multiple tools to enable real-time bidding, allowing you to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis. By harnessing real-time bidding, your brand can drive meaningful one-to-one connections with consumers on a greater scale with more efficiency.

Automation allows for scalable campaigns that find high-value audiences across thousands of sites. The result? Improved campaign performance which propels your company to a wider audience. Campaigns that generate greater growth and higher returns on budget.