Paid media strategy

Are you developing a digital strategy from scratch, revamping an old one or rolling out online campaigns? A clear media strategy helps you to build brand awareness, drive engagement, reach higher conversion, and/or reduce acquisition costs. Your media strategy is your roadmap, framework, and your guide to making sure that your marketing doesn’t happen in a silo and that it resonates with the right audience. It coordinates your marketing above and below the line and makes sure you will get the most out of your marketing budge

Our experts have over 20 years of experience with all key areas of marketing. Both online and offline, from search engine optimisation (SEO) to conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and from go-to-market strategies to social media management. We are also specialists in delivering compelling content marketing, PR, and PPC campaigns.

How we can help

Our starting point always consists of your business objectives, placing a dot on the horizon with a view on how to get there. This is the foundation of your roadmap. It includes acquisition, customer engagement, a media strategy and how to work across all channels. To reach people, it’s important to first know who they are and where they are. That’s why we start with a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and current customer base. Collecting data on their online behaviour gives us information to sketch the customer journey.

Using our findings, we recommend a plan to address any gaps. We also highlight how to leverage short- and long-term opportunities to evolve your digital marketing approach. We can help you with implementing your strategy at the right time via the appropriate channels. This includes creating the best mix of owned, earned and paid media.

It’s important to continuously monitor and track all clicks and conversions. The results can then be compared with your KPIs. We share weekly, monthly or quarterly reports which are accompanied by explanations of the impact, performance and forecasts of next steps. After all, an integrated approach between all marketing channels delivers the best results.