The Shopware AG is a german software manufacturer, developing online shop systems.

Succesful producers of shop software

The company, which was established in 2000 and employs 110 employees, mainly focuses on its core product shopware 5, an innovative and leading shop software for companies and online shops of any size.

With actual more than 54,000 customers and 1,200 sales partners the software AG can count itself to one of the most successful producers of shop software. On the German eCommerce market the company stands as one of the major innovation drivers, reporting significant growth rates. As a stock corporation the company is managed by its owners to 100%, it operates independent, equity-financed and therefore a high level of flexibility can be ensured.

Talk to us about Shopware

Jan Gutkuhn Dept 01 1 e1627475039685

Managing Director

Jan Gutkuhn

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