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Accelerating the fashion industry: Top 3 digital trends for 2021


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In January of 2020, The Business of Fashion observed industry leaders across the fashion industry to be in a state of high nervousness and uncertainty. Trade disputes, changing political tides, and the rapid acceleration of digital trends were all cause for alarm for many brands. 

But fast forward a few months and fashion’s outlook became dramatically and suddenly bleaker. The entire industry is now on red alert. Traditional business models have proven to be inadequate when it comes to handling disruptions on this level. And through it all, one thing has become clear: those brands that neglected their digital evolution are hurting the most. 

Digital has become our new reality. So to continue evolving and stand out from the sea of fashion retailers, brands need to embrace digital channels and technologies to elevate their e-commerce readiness. As those that do will gain additional sales in the next five years

With 2021 signalling a new start and hopefully a period of business recovery, these are the top three digital trends that will shape the future of fashion and luxury retail: 

  1. Next level personalisation
  2. Win with Gen Z
  3. The rise of augmented reality

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