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Evenement op oktober 11

Conversion Rate Optimization fundamentals training


What is the best color for my buttons? Does the user understand my menu? Which USP’s should I display on the homepage?

In the past, these vital questions remained unanswered, nowadays we’re able to find out anything. During this CRO-knowledge session, we will explain in bite-sized chunks how we do this so you’ll be able to research it yourself.
During this session we will answer the following questions:

  • What is conversion optimization?
  • What does a CRO-process look like?
  • Where can you extract the data from?
  • How do you apply conversion optimization to your website?

Based on different inspiring examples we will show you the added value of CRO.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Knowledge session is hosted by a certified CRO-specialist.

The workshop includes:

  • Teaching materials
  • Personal assistance by experienced teachers
  • Drinks

Up to 2 participants per company

In addition to the standardized workshop solutions, Dept also offers customized programs and individual coaching. Want to know more about these custom-made solutions? Contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

All training courses are offered in English

Costs: €199 (free for clients)

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