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Success on Amazon starts with optimised content. Our content managers are experts at creating content that improves the visibility of your products on Amazon, to increase conversion rates and generate more sales.

Data-based approach

To optimise product content, we carefully analyse the search and purchase behavior of potential customers to make it as relevant as possible.

Customer questions and reviews provide insight into the most valuable types of information on a product detail page. This data helps us to create content that makes customers feel confident enough to click on the “buy” button without further concerns.

In addition, we use a data-based keyword creation process. We identify, evaluate, and integrate the most relevant keywords into the content to ensure the maximum SEO boost.

Amazon branding

Successful long-term presence on Amazon requires displaying your products in the best way possible. We create Amazon branding that consists of aesthetically-pleasing product information including B+ content, basic/premium A+ content, brand story, and brand stores.

Branding on Amazon is an important part of strengthening a brand’s identity. Increasing consumer trust in a brand leads to loyal, long-term customers.

A/B testing

Amazon’s complexity particularly applies to content. Measuring success rates based on KPIs and individual content components can be difficult. This is where A/B testing becomes extremely useful.

We will help you to manage all five available types of A/B tests on Amazon, including the main product image, product title, bullet points, product description, and A+ content.

A/B testing is an ideal basis for further optimisation of your product detail pages and increasing traffic to your products on Amazon.

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