Get ready to build stronger, more meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships. Conversational marketing enables brands to improve and enhance the customer experience by communicating with them on a one-to-one basis in real-time, ultimately being there with the right information when your customer needs it most. And, what better way to do this than with a branded chatbot? 

Today’s customer is looking for the ultimate convenience and this isn’t only applicable to the B2C space, two-thirds of B2B buyers opted for remote human interactions or digital self-service across the sales process last year. And, with customer loyalty on the decline, it’s a smart move for brands to invest in creating a better customer experience. It’s never been a better time to explore chatbots.

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a way to engage customers through dialogue, putting the focus on interaction by using two-way communications in real-time. Chatbots are the optimum way to implement conversational marketing. 

A chatbot simulates human conversations through text and voice, acting as a virtual assistant to handle customer queries. A strong chatbot will bring together staffed and automated solutions, directing visitors to the appropriate customer service representative depending on their query. 

Chatbots have various levels of complexity and are now more advanced than ever. They are built using AI technologies which include NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning algorithms, and can help to reduce operational costs by taking strain off your team and allowing customers to self-serve; all while providing an enhanced experience. 

Chatbot app development agency

At DEPT®, we design and build chatbot software to suit your every need, whether that’s driving e-commerce conversions or providing customer care, our experienced technical team can meet extremely custom requests, so the possibilities really are endless. 

We’re not just here to design and build your perfect chatbot, we provide a managed service that is focused on delivering ROI for our clients. Combining our technical capabilities and marketing expertise, we know what it takes to deliver the best-in-class customer experience chatbots that are results orientated. 

From product picker to customer care bots, our creative team has a wealth of experience in creating the digital tone of voice for a wide variety of brands’ chatbots and our in-house media expertise allows us to tailor chatbot content to fit the media entry point. 

Ralph Lauren turned to DEPT® to help translate their second-to-none in-store customer service into the digital space. The solution? A chatbot to help customers find the perfect gifts for the holiday season. And the results speak for themselves. Only 0.4% of users required a handover to a live customer service agent, one of the lowest rates we’ve seen in the industry.  

The DEPT® approach

We are global leaders in conversational marketing, creating chatbot app solutions for a wide range global brands. 

By bringing together creative, content, performance marketing, data and technology, we deliver market-leading innovation that helps brands generate revenue and scale returns from digital marketing. 

As a full-service agency, you have access to our team of experts to help you at every stage of the strategy, design and development, as well as ongoing management to make sure you’re getting the most out of your chatbot. 

Reach out to DEPT® today to find out how we can help develop a chatbot app that frees up your customer service team’s time and provides a next-level, always-on customer experience. 

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